Carrie Tomovich is a typical Midwestern wife and career woman. She enjoys her work in marketing, but the company she works for is becoming unstable, so she is worried abouther future there.

She is more worried about her relationship with Brad. They have been married for seven years, and their life together has settled in to a rather boring routine. She wonders where the passion has gone – they are still very much in love, but their lovemaking has become stale and predictable.

Brad and Carrie do not have communication issues – they discuss their lack of passion frequently, but cannot come to a resolution. Carrie has proposed talking to a counselor about their torpor, but Brad is resisting – could he be hiding something?

Discover the answer in “Carrie: Hotwife in Training,” available 24 March 2020 in paperback and on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

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