Who Is Colin?

Colin Patterson Is…well, let me have Carrie describe him… Colin Patterson was a former professional athlete – I’m sure Brad would know who he was – who unfortunately suffered a career-ending knee injury a couple of years ago. He was functional for normal life, but not healthy enough to continue his playing career. He was

What Is “The Party”?

In simple terms, “The Party” is a floating swingers’ gathering. Several wealthy individuals have organized a function that occurs every four to six weeks at a downtown hotel that allows busy professional single men to have access to attractive women for sexual escapades. The men pay handsome fees and are thoroughly vetted and physically tested

Who Is Brad?

Brad Tomovich is a civil engineer who lives in Columbus, OH. He has a stable and fulfilling career designing public buildings for the state and local governments in the area. He has been married to his wife Carrie for seven years. Their married life is ordinary, but there has been a noticeable lack of passion

Who is Carrie?

Carrie Tomovich is a typical Midwestern wife and career woman. She enjoys her work in marketing, but the company she works for is becoming unstable, so she is worried abouther future there. She is more worried about her relationship with Brad. They have been married for seven years, and their life together has settled in