Brad Tomovich is a civil engineer who lives in Columbus, OH. He has a stable and fulfilling career designing public buildings for the state and local governments in the area. He has been married to his wife Carrie for seven years. Their married life is ordinary, but there has been a noticeable lack of passion between them in recent weeks.

Brad loves Carrie with all of his heart, and would never think of hurting her. However, he accidentally did just that one night, and as a consequence, his restraint with Carrie in the bedroom is starting to cause issues between them. Carrie wonders if Brad is falling out of love with her, while Brad doesn’t want to admit his feelings.

Brad is hiding another aspect of his personality from Carrie that he himself doesn’t yet know about. A business trip to Pittsburgh exposes this part of Brad, and it changes both of their lives forever.

Learn more 24 March 2020 when “Carrie: Hotwife in Training” is released in paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited!

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