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San Francisco Suite: A Rudy Parsons Story

January 12, 2021   Amazon  Smashwords

Rudy Parsons is a private detective who formerly worked for the San Francisco Police Department. He is awakened from a very specific dream to find that the story he dreamt about was based in reality. He takes it upon himself to solve the mysterious disappearance of a young man and finds that the teenager is being transported into a different plane of existence for an unknown mission.

While tracking the young man down, Rudy finds that he is also part of this mission…

Adults Only


Carrie: Hotwife in Training

March 24, 2020   Amazon  Smashwords

Brad and Carrie are an ordinary Midwestern couple whose marriage has settled into a boring normalcy. They try to spice up their time in the bedroom, but nothing seems to be working.

Carrie takes a business trip that includes her falling off of the fidelity wagon. She confesses her sins to Brad, but instead of becoming enraged, he becomes aroused.

This discovery hurls their relationship into exciting and unexpected directions. Will their marriage survive?

2019 Erotica Anthology

November 22, 2019   Amazon  Smashwords

A collection of short stories published by Ethan McCaffrey in 2019. Titles include:
  • Duchess
  • Turned Ankle
  • The Lunch Gig
  • Girl in the Hallway (bonus – previously unpublished)
  • The Jolene Weekend
Five stories to get your blood racing and keep you warm on a cold evening!


September 17, 2019   Amazon   Smashwords

Toni is a beautiful and successful webcam model, but she is a person with needs and wants like everyone else. Eric is a fan who thinks she is a hottie but is not as enthusiastic as he could be about her. They meet in the shampoo aisle and discover that they have more in common that they ever could have imagined, and that Toni has accidentally met someone who can show her a better way through life. They help each other with issues obvious and hidden, including every fan’s dream. After the sexual wall is broken, their new relationship changes in unexpected ways, including the introduction of another friend…

The Femme Whisperer – Sandra

August 16, 2019   Amazon  Smashwords

Sandra is a successful sales representative who has recently had a sexual awakening which has caused the end of her marriage. Unfortunately, her relationship could not withstand the pressures of the “Hotwife” lifestyle. Instead of mourning the loss of her husband, Sandra intensifies her carnal activities. She meets an enlightened stranger who identifies her behavior and convinces her that it could end badly for her. See how this man teaches Sandra how to live her life to achieve long-term happiness. The first installment of the Adventures of the Femme Whisperer series.

The Jolene Weekend

July 12, 2019   Amazon   Smashwords

Adam and Jolene are casual acquaintances who see each other at the local coffee shop a couple of times a week. Their meetings are innocent conversations between friends until Jolene proposes something that changes everything. Adam initially fumbles since he is much younger than Jolene, but then sets up a fantasy weekend for them at a fancy hotel. It is the very thing that both of them need…

The Lunch Gig

June 13, 2019   Amazon   Smashwords

Randy is a typical guy working a typical job at a typical company in a typical city. He also plays bass guitar in a band with fellow employees. He sees a pretty girl in the cafeteria line, but figures he has no chance with her…until he starts playing. It turns out that the girl likes more than his playing…

Turned Ankle

June 8, 2019   Amazon   Smashwords

Patty and Melanie are on an afternoon jog when Melanie falls and injures her ankle. A passing good Samaritan stops to help and receives a thank you that he will remember for a long time…

Duchess – Part 1 of Losing It

May 28, 2019   Amazon  Smashwords

Monica is an actress who has had success in her career but sees that the business is passing her by. This drives her into an unhealthy depression where she barely gets out of the house. She meets Jack at a cafe after forcing herself to go out with a friend. Jack shows her the adulation and caring that she has been missing for years, but another encounter will change Monica’s life forever…