#vss365 – June 2020

Bonus Limerick! There once was a rogue Borg collectiveWhich traveled in space undetectedTheir manner depravedThe Federation savedBy a Captain dressed like a detective 06/01 The haggard ship surveyed the #littoral area for a refuge from the storm… “You and your damn fifty-cent words. What say we park this thing before it sinks?!?” #vss365 06/02 “We’ll

#whistpr – May 2020

05/01 Absolute power corrupts absolutely. A mandate from the people depends on your definition of “people.” Mandates without evidence are tyranny. Humility is a #thing. #whistpr 05/02 “You have an #uncanny way of always being right.” It’s not difficult. Try not to speculate. Speak only when you have solid referential data. Let logic rule. It