The next time you are tempted to strike out on a “holy” quest, ask yourself:

Who am I hurting in pursuit of the white #whale?



He had prepared her room for her arrival for more than a #year. It became like a shrine.

When she returned, he showed her his work.

“Can’t we just be friends?”



I have always felt that I am much more effective if I am #alive.

I wouldn’t put it to a vote, though…



There are those who believe that the consideration of others is a #burden too great to bear. Others cannot believe that we have come to this point.

The universe equalizes itself, if you have the patience. Caring will return.



Dad picked up the nut cracker with a glint in his eye. This time would be different. This time he would conquer it.

“Jeez, Dad, not that old #chestnut again.”



The #dragonfly army masses at the back door. Little Deborah is scared.

“Daddy, are they coming to get me?”

“No, honey,” I reassure her. “They are here to protect the garden. And give us beauty.”

It took years for her to believe me.



“Professional liar alert!”

“I thought you were watching the convention?” my wife called from the kitchen.

“Is there an #echo in here?”



“You just go with the #flow, don’t you.”

I take that comment as the highest affirmation of my Taoist beliefs. The teachings instruct to move around obstacles like a river, instead of meeting them head-on.

When I hear this, I politely agree.



Sandy was a tomboy, through and through. The thought of wearing a prom #gown repulsed her.

She sure did clean up nice.



“Do you have a favorite Disney movie,” Shirley asked her daughter.

“Yes – ‘The Fox and the #Hound’.”

Shirley was surprised. “That’s an old one. Can you tell me why?”

“Friends forever.”



With all of the conflict and strife in the world, there is no need to #invent more.

Unless you strive for chaos.



One measure of maturity is the elimination of the scourge of #jealousy in your life. Coveting thy neighbor’s possessions leads you nowhere.

A pity more people do not achieve this state.



“Give me a good quote, man.”

“The best way to deceive a #knave is to tell him the truth.” – Ivan Panin

“Hmmm…there be legions here, then…”



It seems he has seen better days. He walks with a #limp. His shoulders stoop. It seems to take forever for him to get anywhere.

Until the ball is snapped.

His apparent disability is an affectation. He will run over your ass.



“O that this too too solid flesh would #melt,

Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew!”

“I’m glad you’ve moved on from Porky Pig…” his father said derisively.

“Be careful, Dad, or I’ll go all ‘Alas, poor Yorick’ on you…”



Rhetorical question:

When does COVID-19 stop being #novel?



The nighttime sky seemed to stretch forever. The stars were brilliant away from the city lights. Daryl closed his eyes and heard a song from his youth.

Midnight at the #oasis…



Many people like to think that they are #privy to some secret knowledge. It makes them feel powerful.

The real power is disseminating all you know, enriching all you meet. The power comes back to you a thousand-fold.



The writing #query process reminds a lot of the ending of the movie, “Thelma and Louise.” So much effort to get to the point of release, then a leap of faith.

One thing is true: y’all are much braver that most of us.



It looks like you have the interest…Spend a little time over here with me.

Yours in a simple #rhyme…



Mondays are dedicated to contemplating the deeper questions of existence.

Question for today: Is a hot dog a #sandwich?



“We’re veering off course! Check the #trim of that sail!”

The Captain grew panicky. He could see the rocks ahead.

“Jenkins!! Put those shears away!”



The batter lay prone on the ground, ears ringing from the beanball.

“…For he hath transgressed the #unwritten law…” sayeth the announcers.

He smiled as he hit a home run last at bat.



“This #vest doesn’t look very fashionable.”

“What it lacks in appearance it makes up for in protection, sir,” the lieutenant said.

The price that is paid to have an opinion these days…



Cast into the wilderness. The realization that an entire existence is based on an elaborate #web of lies. Forced to join the zombie horde.

The day of reckoning approaches.



Do not be concerned that I will judge anything I see. Life is too short for expending wasted energy.

#You be #you…



The old man sat on his porch with two fingers of whiskey. He lamented to anyone who would listen about how he didn’t know where the time went in his life.

Turns out he was never #awake…



What happens when you #bake when you are #baked?

Sheer bliss…



“The corned beef is delicious, dear. But these collard greens and kale…it’s just not the same without #cabbage.”

“You don’t like Southern cooking, Mr. O’Shea?”



“Hard to starboard! Batten down the hatches! All hands on deck!”

“Dad, we’re in the middle of Arizona. No water for hundred of miles. Stop with the sailing stuff already!”

“Fine…I get your #drift.”