Day after day

I guess it got something to do with #luck

Don’t shoot shoot shoot that thing at me

City is restless, it’s ready to pounce

Add it up…



I ambled mindlessly through the fields of clover, my trusty walking stick supporting my every step. When I emerged, I realized that I no longer held it.

I looked back and saw its handle above the growth. It had become an old stick in the #mud…




The travel here was long and arduous. The weather is freezing. We are determined to make it with one goal in mind.

To see a #narwhal breach…



He is a specialist. Road courses are his forte. His win-loss record is impressive.

Put him on an #oval and you get a last-place finish. He wants to use the brake and shifters, and make more than just left turns.



If things are not going your way, you can try to force the issue, which may or may not work in your favor. Or, you can practice a method that always works.

It’s the word of the week: #patience…



“Draw me a bath – and be #quick about it!” Her husband was his usual demanding self.

She began running the water. This night, there would be acid mixed with the bubbles.

She ran the vacuum cleaner downstairs to muffle the screams.



She walked up, slim as a #reed. It looked as if you touched her, she would snap into pieces. And so young!

Her professional life did not allow anyone to see reality.



It was said that the recent US election was a battle for the #soul of a nation. The scale of this is much too large to make any real sense.

It looks good on a bumper sticker, though…



No matter how many times I set up a technology stack, there is always a #tangle of wires behind the equipment. Neat freaks recoil in horror. I am serene.

My motto is, “It works. DON’T TOUCH IT!!!!”



The journey up the mountain was long and arduous, but it was necessary if they were to #unlock the mystery of the skull.

The adventurer thought he was being clever by removing the idol. He probably should have thought twice.



Stan threw up his hands. “I’ll never figure out what’s going on here!”

I walked over to help, looking at his screen.

“Here, check this box. It will give you a #verbose log file.”

“Just more stuff to confuse me, man!”



They stood in the doorway, surveying the room. The boss signaled “go” with a #wink and a nod.

After a while, it got to be a bit much…



The sailboat was pitching in rough seas. The skipper was barking out orders.

“Johnson! Go over and #yank the crank!”

“I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t do that in front of other people.”



He sat on the porch in rapt anticipation. Finally, the brown truck stopped at his house, and the driver produced a large box. He could barely contain his excitement.

The #apple of his eye…



The Cinderella ride of the underdogs has been a sight to behold. Massive odds faced and conquered.

It ends here. Get the #broom…



When the Monty Python troupe were writing “Life of Brian” in Barbados, Keith Moon was there. They would play Scrabble for fun, and the college-educated Pythons would come up with lots of fancy words. Keith would play along with words like “#cat.”

Kinda sums it up…



Sleep most of the day and night. Play. Protect. Present yourself for scratches. Not a care in the world.

Oh, for the life of a #dog…



Their dreams of inventions that would be the #engine of progress lay crumpled on the ground. Most men would retreat in despair. Instead, they picked through the wreckage and built a true transformative creation.

All on a windy North Carolina knoll…



The warning light flashes red. A message: “#Fan Not Working.” I can’t afford to replace this now.

There’ll be no sleep in here tonight.



Some days are easy, everything falling into place. Some days are hard, everything falling apart.

Keep going.

The name of the #game is “persistence.”



The busker finished a particularly heartfelt song, one that left him in tears.

So much so that he did not notice his #hat overflowing, nor the sustained applause.



The boy was despondent, head in hands sitting on the curb, crying. He felt lower than an #insect buzzing around a giant’s head.

The old man stopped and spoke to him. “Don’t worry, son. I’ve been where you are.”

“How?!?” the boy cried.

“For I am everyone…”



“No, Tommy! Don’t!”

His mother’s screams were futile. Tommy ran into the surf, directly in the path of a #jellyfish swarm. When it was deep enough, he dove in.

After several minutes below the surface, Tommy poked his head out. “Don’t worry, Mom – they’re my friends!”



She slowly drew the #knife from its sheath. She had tried to avoid this day, but she now knew that she had no choice.

Thanksgiving dinner required an apple pie.



Most people who travel for winter head south to the sun. I much prefer my cabin by the #lake. There is no comparing to the quiet of a crisp winter morning for clearing the mind of its everyday clutter.



He circled the parking lot for hours looking for their car. It was hard to pick out in the #maze of shiny metal.

Then he remembered – he took his neighbor’s car…Filling it up for her while she recovered from her accident.

Good deeds sometimes backfire…



Dark days for the Mudville #nine. no one at the ballpark to cheer them on. Curious cardboard cutouts adorn the stands.

Is the team that horrible? No…

Trying times indeed…



For those in the depths of #despair, fear not. Tough times do not last; tough people do.

It will soon be #over.

#whistpr #vss365


One hand rubs the other. Everyone wants something.

Tell me, what is the #price of tomato juice?



The #quail is such an inoffensive bird. Certainly there are other sources of protein.

It makes me wonder what the hunters are trying to prove…