The yards are full of them, befitting the season. Piles and piles await bagging and removal.

I am struck by a single #leaf, perfectly formed. There are no maple trees for a radius of hundreds of kilometers – what is it doing here?

The magic of the season begins early this year.



The season is upon us
Where the #grey of the sky
Matches the #gray of the asphalt

Strangers huddle
Barely sheltered
Comparing experience
Whilst the bus arrives

Finding that
There is more in common
Than they thought

The sun emerges
In gratitude
And hope



He stares
Into her eyes
And she
Into his

Love in #bloom
As the world
Crumbles around them



They were sent to foreign lands Fighting for freedom For hearth and home Never asking why

Some made the ultimate #sacrifice Only asking one thing




Chill in the air
Slash of the #rake
Yard in good order

Wood is prepared
Cider is ready
Bring on the blanket of snow




“I bestow upon you my magic #scarf. Wear this, and no ill can befall you.”

I took the garment hesitantly from my mentor and wrapped it around my neck. I stopped, staring into the abyss. I could feel the magic already.

I would be OK…



This one is a layup for me 😀

“Where did you get those coconuts?”

“Lying in my yard. They must have traveled a great distance for my lunch.”

“Are you suggesting coconuts #migrate?!?”



Mandy was so excited to go to the party tonight. She shot me a text, making sure I’d be there.

“Be sure to bring your ice #skates!”

“But…this is Las Vegas!”

“One thing they have plenty of here is money, honey. They can make it snow in July.”



It seems like just a few weeks ago we were all in shorts and tank tops. Now, the electric blanket is now set to “#hibernate.”

Nothing strange going on here…move on…



Owen stripped the car down to #bare bones. It was rebuilt with the finest parts. When it was complete, the car gleamed in the sunlight.

They thought him crazy. “Why would you build such a car?” everyone asked. “Where will you drive it?”

One goal. Speed Week. Utah.



Nothing better than a warm house and a cozy friend on a chilly evening.

Let it #snow…



The pet shop clerk stopped in the middle of his sales pitch, suddenly looking off into the distance. The customer was dumbfounded.

The clerk regained his senses. “I’m sorry – excuse me whilst I #pine for the fjords.”



Mom took the winter wear down out of the attic. Little Johnny wasn’t so little any more.

He tried on his favorite winter coat. “Fits like a #glove!”

Mom saw the seams stretching, his arms too long. “More like a polo shirt. Let’s go to the store.”



My old friends and I assembled in the lobby of the hotel as we did every year. Every one of us looked forward to the #feast that awaited.

Seated around the table, the ghost of Glenn Frey addressed us.

Last thing I remembered, I was running for the door…



Grey skies Cold winds Long nights

My #melancholy Is broken By your return

Nothing but Clear skies Ahead



She looks upon him expectantly, anticipation ruling her. She struggles against the leather straps binding her.

He produces a #feather from his pouch. The sly smile on his face shows that he will torment her before she gets her fill.

She bites her lower lip…



A month of preparation has paid off, like it does every year. Wood is stacked high, stoking the #hearth to ward off the cold of winter.

Let the cold winds blow, the snow fall. All is as it should be next to the fire.



It was a hard year here. The town mill closed, putting two of three out of work. The cold winds blew early, casting a pall over the downtrodden city.

Our group walked the streets. There would be a #wreath on every door. The season would be magical, in spite of it all.



Through all of what life brings us…
Through the joy and the storms…
Your interest comes before mine…
Forever and ever…

I #promise…



It is now time to #gather and give thanks for all we have. The clueless among use will plop on the couch, eat all day and watch football games. The enlightened share their bounty with those less fortunate, bringing them up.

Get a clue.



The #family #gathers around the table in celebration. The meal is exquisite.

Father pauses before carving the bird. “Your presence here means that my greatest wish has come true.”

The family looks at each other in silence, for Father speaks for all tonight.



The beautiful bride strode down the aisle, her father at her side. He was so proud of her.

He whispered in her ear. “My only #regret is that I didn’t live to see it.”

The bride arrived at the altar alone.



With the end of a wonderous month, a muse falls silent. My words float into the ether like so many snowflakes in the wind. Lost in the maelstrom of a thousand other voices.

Will you #remember me?