Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

A mandate from the people depends on your definition of “people.”

Mandates without evidence are tyranny.

Humility is a #thing.



“You have an #uncanny way of always being right.”

It’s not difficult. Try not to speculate. Speak only when you have solid referential data. Let logic rule.

It works for Spock, right?



Months of grey turn to #vibrant colors with the annual arrival of spring. The season of renewal blesses us again with possibility.

Time to swallow the allergy medicine and dust off the old lawn mower again.



The #wizard descended from the mountain, his robe flowing in the wind. The came upon a group of young men who cowered in his presence.

“Well, you have made a right mess of things, eh?” said the old man.

Before they could speak, the old man turned them into newts.



The school children arrived at the buffalo pasture. They saw one creature standing off by itself, his long hair scraping the ground.

“That is a #yak, children,” explained the teacher.

The children laughed. “How could it be called that if he has no one to yack with?”



My steps are now free; almost lilting. I have never felt this happy. I want to dance all day and into the night.

You have removed the #anchor around my neck. I am forever grateful.




A time where #bliss seems like it’s on a desert island and your boat is moving away from it, impossible to return.



“How can you be so kind to me and want nothing in return,” she asked.

“I #collect hearts,” he replied placidly.

She blushed. “Then you have already claimed your reward.”



“The populace is emerging from their enforced slumber, but the weather remains #drab and awful.”

“Well, what do you expect from Seattle?”



Great minds have pondered it for centuries. We are no closer to an answer. A question #eternal.

Is it possible to sneeze with your eyes open?



Unparalleled beauty, with wit and intelligence to match. I was smitten.

Like a modern-day Icarus, I flew too close to the #flame.

With predictable results.



The lake was smooth as #glass this morning. The perfect morning for a mug of coffee and my poetry notebook.

It’s too bad I chose to camp at a park near an off-road rally.



She walks the country lane, #hair flowing in the wind. She stops to pluck a daffodil, placing it behind one ear. Her smile illuminates the countryside.

She is unaware of the trances she elicits from all of the young men who line her path.



The definition of a love/hate relationship:

I want to throw this cat through a wall to stop her #incessant whining.

I could never do that to a family member.

Decisions, decisions…



The teenager acted out again, desperate for some discipline from her father. There would be none coming.

“Why do you let me get into trouble like this?” she pleaded.

“You do not know my story. Who am I to #judge?”



She frolics about, exploring her new reality. Every move is performed with seriousness, but ends up in cuteness.

None are more smitten than I am with this #kitten.



The park was finally filled with people again. The children’s #laughter filled the air.

Safety is important, but the scene filled a hole in my heart.



His fascination for serial killers bordered on the #macabre. All of his teachers noticed, but none of them spoke up.

The tape that the police found in his car confirmed their suspicions, but could not explain his monstrous act.



You use few words, but the savvy conversationalist can see the despair in your soul.

It’s as plain as the #nose on your face.



“I started out as a writer,” said the policeman. “There was no money in it, so I joined the force.”

“That sounds like an interesting story. How did you start?”

“Well, #once upon a time…”



May 21 is colors day!!

Shall I write about the luster of the #silver bumpers, or the kitsch of the #pink fenders?

I know – I’ll write about the pretty girl sitting inside…

#whistpr #vss365


Will he be there for me? Does she love me? Can I trust him?

Find those for whom you would never ask the #question.



Walking the streets of Memphis gives you a rush of history, thinking of the multitudes who have passed through. It is a multi-sensory experience that cannot be complete without smell. Is that home cooking?

It’s only the #river…



A small voice rose from the crowd. Many other people of culture and breeding said nothing. Even the hint of a #spine from the assemblage was welcome.

“The King has no clothes!”


05/25 – 05/26

The bound woman cried for help, answered by a scraggly man. He produced a blade from his hand like a #talon and sliced in one motion, causing the binding to #unravel to her feet.

“How can I ever thank you?”

“Keep your mouth shut.”



The past few months have brought out the worst in some people, as hardship always does.

Indeed, the world is a #vampire…



Looking out at my newly-mown lawn, #winter seems so far away. But I know that before I realize it, the leaves will turn and fall and the lawn will lie in silver dormancy again.

The seasons march to their own rhythm, relentless.



He held her closer. They glided across the dance floor as the romantic music danced in their ears. He drank in her eyes as they moved in the dim light.

“One step closer to #yes,” he thought.



The populace wails in #agony. Some say it has never been this bad. The older ones realize that things are bad, but it has been worse, and it will always pass.




Robbers strike in the #black of night. They count on the cover of darkness to evade detection.

Institutional thieves need not worry about concealment.