They said it couldn’t be done. For most of those eight years, it seemed impossible. Then, in a moment, everything changed.

Take a #giant leap.



My sleepy eyes open to the morning vista from the 25th floor here in Vegas. I can make out what looks like a drone in a slow #hover outside, its camera focused on the bed.

And I thought I had hit the jackpot picking up that singer last night…TMZ here I come…



Here he comes again, shattering the calm of a summer’s afternoon. Try as I might, I can never rein in the #imp.

One day, you will be my supper.



Sitting all alone, contemplating the futility. The play is over; too late to say “I love you.” Another entry in the diary of pain and loss, a misfit in the grand plan of life.

The #jester’s tear…but I will dream again tomorrow…

(h/t @MarillionOnline)



I sat in the park on a breezy April day, watching the #kite dance in the wind. My thoughts turned dreamy, wishing that was my life – how free!

My life pulled me back like the string the child used to retrieve my muse and go home. The dream never lasts long enough…



I sometimes come across posts from my peeps who are in pain, both physical and emotional. The empath in me goes into overdrive, even though there is little I can do.

When I’m feeling wordy, this makes me #lachrymose.

Fortunately, I’m usually more direct.



They try to control her, but they know it is coming. At the stroke of #midnight, the beast appears. She ravages her victims as the music plays.

On to the next town.



There are many stories in the #neon jungle. Some are joyous, but most are desperate. Rolling the dice and wishing for fortune.

Remember, the lavish, gaudy buildings didn’t build themselves.



The composer sits at the table, fretting over the question that has stumped poets and lyricists alike for generations. He is no closer to an answer.

“What rhymes with #orange?!?”



In your #panic, lives have been lost. Buildings have crumbled. Your comrades are unsure of the proper direction.

The cause is you alone. Matters are worse now.



The young girl appeared from out of nowhere. He carried her to the couch and snuggled her under a #quilt he had handy. She was shivering, but soon became very comfortable.

How was he going to explain this to his date?

Then he realized…this was his date.



We endure this torture on a set schedule. The same empty promises, the same baseless accusations. We think to ourselves, “There must be a better way.”

Here we go down the #rabbit hole again.



The store is full of worried faces. Bottled water and paper products fly off the shelves. Preparing for doomsday.

The scene is #surreal – dystopian fiction come to life.

Wash your hands, people.



Maddy turned on the heat under the #teapot. A nice steaming cup of oolong would fit the day.

Her mother ran into the kitchen. “NO!!! You can’t do that!” It was too late.

The entire house was consumed in the #tempest. They would need to rebuild again.



We all walk the Earth on a personal quest. To find the #unicorn in a sea of mediocrity.

Some settle for nothing less, and frequently end up alone. Others settle for what they find and are trapped in cages of their own making.

Seek potential and make your own nirvana.



For many days and nights the party crossed the prairie, stopping only to rest. They paused to consider methods of crossing the #verdant river…

“Wait a minute! That’s gross!! I’m not going near that water!!”

“Next time we fly,” thought the father.



The fierce dragon charged, snorting smoke and fire. Merlin dropped his bag and began searching.

Battleaxe? No…

Mace spray? No…

Hackey sack? No…

Rubber chicken? No…

“I know there’s a #wand in here somewhere…” he muttered.



The old man rocks on the porch swing, spinning a #yarn of yesteryear. He speaks of when he was a little boy, watching his parents cry out in sorrow after another soul is taken.

This is not new.




Teri leaned in and whispered the things she wanted Jed to do to her. Startled, he jerked back.

“Do you think that I’m some sort of #animal?” Jed asked.

“I’m counting on it,” Teri purred.



The politicians were exposed betraying the public trust.

They offered a #blanket denial.

No one believed them.





I sit in this room, several thousand kilometers away, staring out of the window. I long for the #comfort of your tender caress but know I cannot receive it.

The world has conspired against us, keeping us apart at my greatest time of need.



We have abused the Earth for long enough. We cannot sustain this course of action any longer. It is time to stand and #deliver.

This time, it is no joke.



We combed the sandstone cliffs for rare #earth minerals, oblivious to the risk to our well-being. This was the only mining left to us, our other sources of income having dried up.

We never considered that we would need to have someone buy this stuff from us…



The trek has been endless. Day upon day of desert wastes as far as the eye can see. Water has been scarce, but sustaining.

Dalek looked down this morning and saw a #flower sprouting from the sands. It was a sign that his journey was about to end.



Slow introduction, two verses and choruses, #gallop in the middle, majestic ending.

When it works, don’t change it…



There is a lyric in a song by Yes that is extremely relevant in these troubled times:

“Without #Hope You Cannot Start the Day.”

Start your day right.



“It seems like forever ago, our #island getaway. Cooped up in this house with you is great, don’t get me wrong, but I long for the feeling of sand between my toes.”

“We can go to Jimmy’s sandbox in the backyard…”



The Ninth has always enthralled me. A mark of beauty in a wicked world. The pinnacle has always been the passage from “Ode to #Joy” in the fourth movement.

Gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh!



He laughed quietly as he took her last dollar for the overdue rent.

“Where is your decency, man?” cried the mother as she begged for mercy.

“I am #kind,” he replied. “Just not your #kind.”



Question: Repeat a phrase that is more relevant now than when it was first stated.


“#Love is all you need.”



“There are little dark strips in my miso soup,” I said to the waiter.

“You ordered the special today, correct?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Then, enjoy,” said the waiter.

In ten minutes, the magic #mushroom took effect, and I went to another place.