The landscape is foreboding. #Cactus and Joshua for as far as the eye can see. We must trust in the technology, for a failure would maroon us.

Interstate 40 in northern Arizona. Also known as the Inland Sea.



The rains came in a #deluge. The grey skies matched her mood. Her husband and children tried to cheer her up, but to no avail.

“Mommy loves you,” the father explained. “The rain never lasts forever, right?”

The children nodded. No more words were needed.



The struggle for #equality continues. Some believe that equal treatment means special treatment. That something is being taken away from them and given to others.

It’s time to end the zero-sum game, once and for all.



“Did you have a good childhood?”

“300+ days a year of #fog. I walked through my childhood with wet hair.”

This always elicits a nervous laugh, since few people can relate.



Early morning departure to a place where #gravity has little meaning. Everything you know has to be re-thought. Movements must be deliberate and calculated.

The little boy in me continues to be fascinated, however routine this has become.



Days stretch into weeks. No contact is possible. My thoughts are with you during this stressful time.

But now, it is over.

I’m coming #home.



“For my next trick, I will #impersonate a politician!” Scattered boos permeate the audience.

The comic proceeds to make silly pronouncements while his accomplices fan out and burgle each person’s house. Only later does the crowd realize how accurate he was.



My #journal is my life, as told only to me. I want to remember every impulse, every feeling.

I will read them again…maybe…someday…just to see if I recognize the girl in the pages…



Another round of political advertisements. Another round of misrepresentations and projection. My father sits in his chair and berates the television.

“Well, isn’t that the pot calling the #kettle black?!?”

“But ours is red,” I sheepishly respond, awash in naiveté.



The struggles we go through are temporary, even when they seem to be eternal. When the mission is complete, there is only one thing left. Everyone in their own time.

Walk toward the #light.



“Weren’t we just here? Didn’t we just do this?!?”

She sighed.

“This floor won’t clean itself,” said the #mop to the #bucket.



He gave his wife the #necklace Thursday evening. No special occasion – just to show his love. She smiled as he clasped it about her neck.

When he slept, she looked at the note in the box. “I love you, Tina!” it read.

Cheryl collapsed in the corner and cried.



“The weather is so beautiful today,” said the real estate agent. “Come into the living room and see the stunning #ocean view!”

She was not kidding. However, she left out the fact that the fog only leaves like this for about three weeks a year. Here is the usual view:



Each day is a mortal struggle with doubt and fear. You cower in the corner, afraid to face it. The only way out is to destroy what is and build what can be.

Grab the grenade. Pull the #pin.



The board lies in stillness. Brilliant minds study the position in deep concentration. Finally, a hand moves to strike. It’s not much, but it is the first move in a bold gambit.

#Queen takes the pawn…



“We get crows around here all the time. Nothing to be worried about.”

“I don’t know, Jim, that a really big one – maybe a #raven. And he’s staring at you.”

At that moment, Jim reconsidered his life choices.



“Kevin, sometimes I get tired of you always talking to me in song lyrics. This is an exception. Sing this too me any time!”

Kevin took the hint.

“And I’ll #send all my loving to you…”



Getting to know someone intimately is a magical experience. It’s like being on a #treasure hunt – you’re not sure what you will find, but you hope that it is valuable.

Unless you’re like me, who only finds demons…



You will see them sometimes if you lower your vision. To most, they are invisible. “Just another #urchin roaming the streets…” they say.

…but maybe not…



Pioneers in a man’s world, they carved a niche with metal chops and pop sensibility. Ultimately, merely a footnote in the history of the 1980s.

The band called #Vixen…



The #wraith appeared at the foot of his bed at dawn. It was a haggard soul, chewed up and discarded by life.

“This cannot be! I am not ready!” he pleaded.

“Oh yes, it is you,” the apparition replied. “After a couple of hundred years in purgatory. Get ready.”



I walked through my garden this morning and found what I thought was a weed growing in the middle of the roses. I consulted my wife, who is much more knowledgeable than I.

“Leave it – it’s a #yarrow.”

“But the flowers are white,” I said.

“You never really listen to me, do you?”



The nuns were astonished with the number of boxes given to resupply the orphanage.

“Who is the #author of all of this generosity?”

“Captain Tuttle,” the soldier replied.

As they left, John asked, “Who is Captain Tuttle?”

“My imaginary friend growing up.”



The afternoon lent itself to flights of fancy…

“Picture yourself in a #boat on a river…”



The father took his daughter grocery shopping since Mom was away for the day. They went down the prepared list faithfully.

“What’s that last thing?” she asked.

“‘Prince Albert in a #can.'” he read. The writing was different.

“Dammit, Bart!!!”



“What happens in a man’s life is already written. A man must move through life as his #destiny wills.”

“Yes, yet each man is free to live as he chooses. Though they seem opposite, both are true. I do not understand it.”

“You have taken in much, old man, like the waters of the Tao.”



“Can you describe what makes your band special?”

“It’s obvious, isn’t it…”




The two friends daydream in the #field on a summer’s day, staring at the sky.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“I want to be an astronaut, looking down on the world. You?”

“I want to lie in this grass again with you someday.”



Finally, the house is in sight. We come up to the #gate and see that it is locked.

The keymaster approaches, and we sigh in relief. We pass our invitations to him through the opening. He opens the portal with a huff.

“Is it always this hard to see your father?”



She returns from the #hunt battered but unbowed. Her squad took down enough for the pride to eat for the next few days.

Business as usual on the savannah.