It’s too late to #ignore the signs. Your belief in your invincibility will be your downfall.

Please wait a little longer…



So Helen wants a knock-knock #joke today, eh?

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Hike who?
I didn’t know you liked Japanese poetry!

I’ll be here all week, folks. Try the veal.



The climb to the top is exhausting, and only a few make it.

Harder still to #keep yourself there, with everyone shooting for you.

I’d rather go fishing…



I got a text from my wife. She wanted to know what I wanted for dinner.

I looked at her sitting next to me on the couch.

“I’m sorry, is the TV too #loud?”



“Iconic Songs for $400, Alex!”

“This song introduced the 7/8 time signature to popular rock music, but sounded very natural.”


“#Money, get back…”



The demon stalks his prey, hiding in the shadows in the still of the #night. He waits for the perfect time. He springs from behind the tree, and…

Wrong story…



We entered the #obelisk at the base and took the elevator to the top. The windows were grey and cloudy, like they had not been cleaned in years. The view was awesome.

A grand monument, but somewhat shrouded in mystery and controversy. Just like the man.



“Are you OK?”
“Did you enjoy it.”
“Will your father kill me?”
“Let’s #pretend it never happened…”



Our relationship seems like it has been one long protracted #quarrel. You may ask why I would stay in such a stressful pairing.

It’s the tacos…



He sat on the bench with a single #rose. In the rain. For hours.

There must be some misunderstanding…



The discourse of the day reminds me of the legend of Medusa. Some want their opponents to be tuned to #stone at a mere glance.

The final result of this desire is telling. When you argue, you eventually end up only arguing with yourself.



Sprinters are very fast, for a short period of time. The arc of your life is a marathon, not a sprint. The wise pace themselves and are relentless.

A #tortoise to the hare.



The price of life in the Western world is the reality that most of us are #underwater from a financial perspective. The need for material possessions causes this – many of which are too expensive to purchase outright.

I long to live in the Star Trek universe…



The Red Alert sirens wail. The ship buckles as it approaches the #vortex in space-time. The explorers that live in each crew member want to investigate, but the captain steers clear.

This does not make for good television…



The crew stopped to acknowledge the #well-wishers that lined the path to the capsule. Their smiles belied the concern they had for the lightly-tested technology they would be entrusting their lives.

One little boy threw them a thumbs-up. That’s all they needed.



My dog is there for me through thick and thin, eager to please. I can say anything and always get a wagging tail and hopeful look.

On the other hand, my cat acknowledges me with a #yawn. An appropriate balance, I think.



He had worked on this joke all day. There was an #awkward silence.

In the words of the administration, it was time to “find something new.”



Am I #blue today?

Well, I kinda came this way…



A soothing drink in the morning #calm is the perfect way to start the day. A moment of reflection before the waiting chaos.

The activities of the day fade into the ether, but the morning coffee’s memory stays, as all good things should.



She examines the scene like a #detective, scouring for clues. Senses keen, she discovers that she is too late.

She is sure that the salmon was delicious.



Do you want to know if there is interest?

Skip the words.

Look into her #eyes.



I stroke her luxurious, soft #fur, eliciting a purr and a satisfied face. She always calms me down, no matter how hectic my day has been.

Everybody wins.



A walk in the #garden is just what I need to take my thoughts away from my troubles. A reminder that the flora sprout, grow and fade away in tune with the seasons. It is always perfect.

Could it be that I am fighting my nature?



People tend to treat nature like they treat their #house. Some dutifully manicure it, keeping things in order and balance. Some do not think their action – or inaction – has any effect.

We now have proof. Tread lightly.




#Ivy is beautiful.
#Ivy is destructive.
#Ivy grown on a trellis is both beautiful and safe to buildings.

Care for your #ivy.



Her departure was sudden and unexplained. One day here, the next day gone. I am at a loss.

It will take eons to repair the hole in the #jigsaw of my life.



The greatest fete of any entertainer is to stay relevant in several generations. This man was one of the best at it.




How do you change a culture where everyone is #late?

Easy: If you’re late, you sing.
If you complain, I pick the song.

Works every time.



“Gosh, Batman, how did we land on this big pile of foam rubber? How did you find it?!?”

“It says so on the #map…”



Success in relationships requires the careful balancing of others’ needs with your own. It is a skill that must be practiced.

It is not unlike threading a #needle – When one learns, his clothes are immaculate. The less successful tend to wear rags.



The man in wizard’s garb repeated incantations. The glass #orb was suspended between his hands as he spoke. The onlookers were amazed.

As he worked, his assistant moved among the crowd and collected pocketbooks. It would be a profitable day.