“We’re gonna take this game like a looter in a #riot!”

Every head in the living room turned, shocked looks all around.

“You can stop ripping off rap lyrics any time now,” Sally said.



The gnawing sound in the stillness of the night sent a #shiver down my spine. I took a flashlight to investigate. Rounding the corner, I found the culprits chewing through the dog food bag.

Damn squirrels!



#Time is the enemy #Time is a predator, stalking you #Time is money #Time waits for no one #Time is the wisest counselor

#Time is a human construct #Time should not rule your life

There’s more, but I’ve run out of #time



I will not let doubt, fear, and uncertainty rule my life. Every day will be one small step in exorcising the demons and moving forward.

Now, how do I get out from #under the carpet?



“There is a #variation in the frequency of the signals coming in, Sir,” reported the sonar officer. “Something very large is appearing in front of us.”

Fear streaked across the Captain’s face. “Brace for Impact!!”

Fortunately, this is a cartoon…



The last drive of the game. The entire field to traverse. Everyone expects the rookie to #wilt under the pressure.

Before the first play, the quarterback points out a famous actor eating popcorn in the stands.

Exhale Relax Perform Succeed



The sorceress prepared the potion for each of them. They all knew the terms: they would be forever #young, but short of the age of societal consent.

The teens looked at each other, then one by one they returned the potion. They wanted nature to take its course.



A quick cup of coffee led to so much more. Clothes strewn across the floor. Sheets will need to be washed.

Her phone #alarm sounded for the staff meeting. She stared at it in disbelief. The third time this week.

How could I have been so #thoughtless?

#Erotica280 #whistpr


The morning shines #bright after days of storms. As I walk around the yard and see the cleanup required, I only have one thought…

“It will rain again someday…I think I’ll go back to bed”



She can feel a #change coming. She is hesitant, but she knows it must occur. Life at present is confining, stifling.

Suddenly, the metamorphosis is complete. She emerges into the #bright sunshine and finds the nearest flower.

The circle of life continues.



He ordered her to kneel before him. She spat at him, ever #defiant.

“Must I discipline you again?” he bellowed.

She smiled, wishing he would say that.



He never meant for this to happen. He became #entangled in a web of lies and deceit which led him here. His final thought was of his children – about his sorrow for leaving them orphaned.

It was too late for redemption.



It took days for the #fever to break. She lost ten percent of her body weight. Her family gathered in silent prayer.

She walked downstairs and was shocked by the gathering. “Why are you here? I just took a nap.”

“That was four days ago, dear.”



“You have so much to #give – why me? Why not the hundreds around me?”

“The wise man does not ponder his fortune – he spreads it wide for all to benefit.”

He does not reveal his true intention – to build an army. Of compassion.



“It does no good to #hoard your wealth,” he has heard from many. “You cannot eat money.”

He paid them no heed, for he needed more and more, at least in his mind. He died alone in the stacks of green paper.



The #ink was barely dry when he ripped off the dressing. He was eager to show the world his defiance and cavalier attitude.

He found a mirror to admire – and even with the image reversed, he recoiled in horror…



“Man, if I had your height, I’d be ballin’!!”

“Have you ever sat courtside at an NBA game? Unless you’re 6’8 210, 2% body fat, and can #jump out of the building, keep dreaming.”

And then I drove past him and dunked on his ass.



We toil endlessly, publishing idea after idea, story after story. We have no control over which story will be the #key to success, or even if such a thing exists.

It is our calling. Conjure in isolation to change the world.



“I’m tired of all of this lover’s #lament crap. I want to do something happy.”

The producer scowled. “You’ve made a lot of money doing what you do.”

The singer’s ire intensified. “I’ve made YOU a lot of money. That ends today.”



“Why do I constantly fail?” I pleaded. “Opportunities always pass me by…I have few friends…I can feel my life slipping away. What can I do?!?”

“Fear is the #mask you wear,” the psychologist said quietly. “Remove it and cast it over the cliff.”


01/21 – 01/25

Missed – medical issues


Flaming horsemen ride out of the hills. Lizards take flight and plunder unsuspecting peasants. Panic sweeps the land.

“Can you come up with any #stranger visions?”

“Yes…you can save hundreds on your car insurance.”



The huge elm that shaded you in summer stands dormant now, stripped of its coat of leaves, waiting. Before you know it, the majestic #tree will hint at green buds, and before long a new coat of leaves will give service for another year.

The elm knows it to be so. It is comfortable in its place.



“Don’t forget you #umbrella, honey,” Mom called. “Rainy this afternoon!”

“Let’s see,” he thought. “I can take it, lose it somewhere, and get just as wet as if I didn’t take it.” The item was left hanging.

Mom’s been here before. She had chicken soup waiting.



What would you do if you encountered a #wrinkle in time and landed somewhere in history? Would you wallow in denial? Would you be exposed as an interloper? Or, would you learn as much as you could in hope that you return?

See what a group of ten people do…#TheJanus



“The result of this experiment will be a container with either blue- or green-colored liquid.”

A small voice came from the back. “What if it is #yellow?”

“Um, that means that you are excused from the afternoon rugby match.”



They left her alone in the corner of the facility, staring out onto the grounds of the facility. No one was quite sure what was going through her mind during these endless days.

She was playing with her friends, with her toys in the #attic.