Take to the breeze
Spread your wings
Do your thing
For the #butterfly
Is alive
In all of us

Say I



Tillie and Mae #cavort in the fields of flowers, not a care in the world. The crew is satisfied, and the scene ends “Cut!”

But they do not stop. The crew departs.

They stumble into town Wednesday afternoon. “We finally ran out of flowers.”



They approached the date with #dread., as they did every year. It is a day for lovers, but their relationship was past that point. Each secretly tried to avoid the societal pressure, but they always failed.

They would dress for the Valentine’s Day party as always.



Charles Dickens at the word processor:

“It was the best of times, but still really hard…”


“There never really have been good times here…”


“Cloudy with breaks of sunshine…”




“I can’t believe it. He stood me up AGAIN!!”

“I will build a #fortress around your heart.”

“Please stop quoting old Sting songs…This is serious!”



Windows were boarded up; the stores were emptied. Preparations continued to #guard against the destruction of the oncoming storm.

The silver ribbon of cars streamed inland. One man stayed to brave the flood.

Couldn’t stand the weather…



How to live a successful life:

Minimize the moments when you say to yourself:

“I’m sure this decision won’t #haunt you for the rest of your life.”



Things guys say:

“Man, just one more #inch…”

Things girls say:

“I wonder what’s on Netflix tonight…”



The social butterfly in me has taken over. There are so many people saying so many interesting things that I can’t help but expand my reach.

Until the man comes to see me. Another night in Twitter #jail.

(Dedicated to the awesome @nikki_twisted)



Between heaven and hell lives The #Kraken. Nary a soul who has ventured to this forbidden place has lived to tell the tale. Shards of timber float as a testament to the creature’s destructiveness.

Or, it’s just an old guy who likes his privacy. No one knows for sure.



She sits at her desk, staring into space. Trying to remember the #lyric from that song that she goes to when her heart is broken.

Nothing seems quite right, so she decided to write her own. Five years later, she is resplendent in a satin dress, accepting her Grammy.


02/12 – 02/15



“If you will provide us food and shelter for the night, he may join us on our sacred #quest.”


“Damn – I’ve forgotten all of my taunts.” “Just improvise…”

“Go away, you silly English elderberries!”

“That’s OK – we can fix it in post…”



Sunday morning, Nevada desert. Loneliest road in the world. The car is flat out, full throttle. It is shaking so much that I can’t #read the speedometer. I have never felt so free.

I see a line of black cars blocking the road ahead. Damn those Highway Patrol planes.



“It’s lovely,” she gleamed as she admired the gift in the mirror.

“The #sapphire matches your eyes,” her husband said. “Only the best for you.”

“And I will give you my best…” she purred as she pushed him onto the bed.


02/19 – 02/20

Skipped – medical


He placed a single rose in the slender #vase on the piano, as he did every day. He studied it for a moment, then set about to play the song he has obsessed over for years.

Goodbye Norma Jean…



“You wouldn’t lie to me…”

“I have no desire to pull the #wool over your eyes, my dear…”

“I’d rather use silk…”



“Why does your cat #yowl like that?”

“She just wants attention. Watch…”

Tammy picked up a small flashlight from the table. Its laser point kept the cat transfixed as we continued watching Netflix. The cat was obviously a cheap date.



He stares out of the window, helplessly watching his skills #atrophy, resisting the blank page. Once, his words flowed like wine, intoxicating all who encountered them. Now, all that flows is spite and denial.

No one is to blame but the one in the mirror.



The seminar title was enticing – “#Bridge to a New Tomorrow.” The line for the hall grew around the block.

The crowd sat in rapt attention. The lights went down, the doors slammed shut, and the alien form took the stage. The attendees got their new tomorrow – today.



The voice coming out of the translator sounded like a robot. “We will #create a bright future for you. We are your friends!”

The people looked at each other in puzzlement. The armed guards at either side of the leader belied their friendship.



The townsfolk warned her. That man is a #demon. He will use you up and leave you for dead. It’s only a matter of time, they said.

He was merely a partner in her plans to plunder and pillage. The time was drawing near…



The small band struggles through the night, seeking the #elusive Grail. Atop a small knoll, they see a sign. A light above a distant castle, in the shape they seek.

Will it be a clue? Or another night of debauchery?

Either way, a win…



My adventure started with one story. Investigation into self-publishing – free is good. I could let people know about stories on Twitter. I didn’t expect to find one #friend.

8,200+ and counting in nine months. Holy crap.

#whistpr #WritingCommunity