A beautiful walk in the woods on a crisp December morning. Shadow ran ahead of me, but stopped to sniff.

A single #red rose, growing from the underbrush.

This has definitely been a strange year.



It is tempting to say that one misses #summer when the leaves turn and the grass goes white in dormancy.










We are all born with #tunnel vision, concerned only with our own feelings. As we grow, we emerge into the light of a broader world.

Well, most of us. Some prefer the comfort and safety of an enclosed space. They usually end up talking to themselves in a corner.



Sitting on the cliffs, watching the hawks search out their lunch. The wind hits the cliffs and rises, providing the same kind of #uplift as a hot valley day.

I didn’t know how good I had it then.



The answer stared him in the face. The truth could not be any more #vivid.

The suit definitely needed to go to the cleaners.



There was a time when I needed to be in every argument, every discussion. I had to prove myself. I did not know to whom. Now, I’m happy to sit on the side and let things play out.

Don’t wanna be your monkey #wrench…



The sailors were awakened by the first bombs hitting the forward decks. Jenkins grabbed an #axe to help his shipmates escape.

But it was too late…



Where does one find optimism when everything appears so #bleak?

From where you always do…From where it always is…

Within yourself…



It was the same every night. The #caterwaul of the neighborhood denizens composed a symphony.

Most people opened their windows and shouted for relief. His window remained closed, reveling in the sound that would bring him sleep.



They traipsed across the field of #daffodils on that spring afternoon, not a care in the world.

It turns out they were just ahead of the invasion.



The explorers made their way across the valley floor toward the sheer cliffs. They could not climb them, so they studied instead.

After some time, the most prescient of them realized they were in the footprint of an #elephant, and understood how small they were.



Their path was righteous, in their mind. They presented their case with confidence and bravado.

The queen responded with a #frown.

Their dissent continued, even without hope of success.

Wasted energy.



There are times when I wonder if it’s all worth it…It doesn’t matter if my posts are diamonds or #garbage…

But then I remember why I do this…I appreciate my tiny audience, but I do this for me…



“What’s the film for tonight, Jenny?”

“Bitter #Harvest.”

“Oh, God. I’ve heard that it’s horrible!!”

“Yes, but there’s Terence Stamp on a horse.”

“Um, yeah…”



There are many prompts asking for a favorite superpower. Mine? To be #invisible…

To enjoy the physical manifestation of my social being…



We went over the list of people who would get access to our new database.

“We have a nickname for John here…”

“The King of the Cartesian #Join.”

I smiled, knowing what damage he could do. One less profile to create…

*Based on a true story



The new directive was posted on the bulletin board for all to read:

“All personnel will salute the #kernel when he enters and leaves a room.”

There are no spelling proficiency requirements in this man’s Army.



I see things that are #lovely every day. I keep my opinion to myself.

What once generated laughter now generates scorn.



Most people regard The Green Goblin as an unredeemable, evil character. He did make a good point, however.

When does the fight between good and evil become a selfish exercise?

#Misery, #misery, #misery…



At last, I’ve found another game where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter. I swore that I would play the original game #nevermore, and I’ve kept to that for twenty years.

Since this is only for today, I shall give this one a pass.



The human race strives for constant improvement. Every new task should be an improvement on the #original.

One industry is bent on disproving this axiom.

Have you seen any good movie sequels lately?



Simone gazed at the #portrait of her great-grandfather and wondered what his life was like back in the early 1900s. Was he happy? Did he achieve his life goals?

The same portrait hung in the courthouse downtown in a place of honor. He was remembered.



Here’s one for the memory banks…

There has never been a more appropriate name for a professional boxer than…

Jerry #Quarry



The #revenant spirit of his father stands before him. He is unsure about what is to follow. He flashes back on all the lectures he received when he was alive.

“Don’t worry, son, you’ve made me proud. You know how I like Christmas cookies. Can I borrow a cup of sugar?”



Hours and hours on the ice. Too many early mornings to count. Singular dedication to a goal.

You skate to the center. The lights are on you. Today is your time to #shine.



Many people look at their lives as an arc. Starting out slowly, they reach a peak, then watch as their life fades away.

Who is to say that the #twilight of your life cannot promote growth?



The ocean looks so inviting, so serene.

Mind the #undertow.



“The World’s Leading #Vulture Capitalist,” read the headline.

“Don’t they mean, ‘venture capitalist?'” Tim asked.

“No, that’s accurate,” Herman replied. “He waits for bankruptcy and then picks the bones clean.”

“Bottom feeder,” Tim said under his breath.



“Take #wing – fly to the heavens!”

“You say that every time you rescue a pigeon, Dad,” the boy said.

“It is important to show each of us that they have greatness within.”



The good Samaritan called out.

“You dropped #your phone, ma’am.”

She continued as if she had not heard.

He picked up the phone. The screen was shattered. A man’s face was behind the damage.

It was not an accident.



We come to the end of another year. Reflections made. Plans sown. Hope springs eternal.

The only real certainty – time’s #arrow moves ever forward.