Here I am again, nose to the #carpet. The room looks familiar, but I have no idea how I got here. I must call someone and find out what I did last night.

There has to be a better way to spend my Friday nights.



“Be careful – do not lose your footing. The panels below will #shatter, and you may be injured.”

Tomaso looked at the stumps where his feet once were and screamed at the speakers above his head. “That information would have been handy five minutes ago.”



Driving across town, looking for the one doll my daughter wants more than any other. If I fail, the holiday will be ruined for all. If I succeed, no one will notice.

The #struggle is real.



He boards the plane with excitement, knowing that his #plum assignment awaits upon arrival. The time passes quickly.

He ducks into the men’s room and changes into his overalls. Grandpa will put him to work straight away in the orchard. The family tradition continues.



He thrilled the crowds that gathered each day to see his feats of skill and daring. He lithely bounded among the tan walls, soaring and tumbling to growing applause.

Behold the Adobe #Acrobat.



I took the bottle from the bag and drank straight from the Robitussin bottle. Immediately, I bent over in pain, my coughing fits doubling.

My wife ran into the kitchen in shock. “Didn’t you read the label? That isn’t cough syrup – it’s the Angostura #bitters!”

I never had a Bloody Mary again.



You live your life on a razor’s edge, shuttling from party to party and bed to bed. The pace would defeat the most athletic, but it’s normal life for you.

What happens when you tire of the #chase?

You long for stability, but no one believes you. Hope it was fun…



His partner disappears for days at a time, leaving his best friends in a state of despair. His quest for perfection fuels the escape, though he never would admit it. Balance is needed for longevity.

All a part of their Siamese #Dream.



His wife could not understand the #enigma – how could a man who was so loving before marriage turn into such a devil?

She vowed to leave him the moment she was free from her bonds and could leave the basement. Her hope sank as the weeks continued…



Moods change as the deadline approaches. Parents in a #frantic dash from location to location, securing their children’s futures. And then…

Peace. Winter break has ended. Six hours of quiet five days a week.

And there was much rejoicing.



Bootsteps. Bells. Wind. The boys leaped from their bunks to spy on the visitor.

They did not see a man, but a #ghost collecting their presents. They ran away and hid. They did not see that the apparition was exchanging their gifts for better ones.

“Ho Ho Ho”



The children bounded down the staircase in search of #hidden goodies. Candies, cookies, and gift dollars were theirs to be had.

They knew there were none to be found since their father passed earlier in the year. Their pantomime made their mother smile.




“I have an #idea,” Tom said to Chris. “Let’s sneak up on them and pelt them with snowballs.”

Just then, a white globe whizzed past Tom’s head.

“Too late!” Barry yelled as he fired again.



“This is my cousin Terry from Leicester, in England. She brought a black kitten as a gift for the bride.”

“But that’s a #jinx!!” I cried.

“It may be to you, but a gift like this brings good luck,” Terry replied. “My wish beats your superstition any day.”



“Look at all of these people standing about. You caused quite the #kerfuffle, didn’t you?”

“Im not quite sure what that means,” I replied, “but could you – or any of you – help me find my pants?”



The only thing worse than feeling #lonely at Christmastime is to feel that way in a room full of people. Yet, this happens every year. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but next year my goal is to be more than furniture.



“Here’s one for ya – name a one-hit wonder song that will stay with you the rest on the day.”

“Oh oh oh, it’s #magic…”

“Gee, thanks…”



I’ve spent my entire life waiting and wishing. One day, my true love will burst through that door and whisk me away. Alas, I am aging, and he has #never come for me.

#Never say #never…



The children run into the #orchard to pick the ripened fruit, which glistens a bright red in the sun. Baskets are so full – hard to carry back to the house. The bounty is prepared for all sorts of baked goodies.

Another beautiful fall day at Grandma’s house.



The doctor sat cross-legged on the hood of his car, facing east, as the sun rose for another day. He basked in the new light as day overcame night. He knew this would be the last #peaceful moment for 24 hours.

Recharged, he made his way into the chaos.



Trusted friends turn on you, or worse yet, fade away. Sickness and injury visit. Things you have depended on turn out to be not what you thought.

There are many opportunities, but it is never time to #quit.