The collar pressed, every hair in place – ingredients for a successful #debut. How long can he keep it up?

In this town, three days, tops.



This has been my anthem more times than I can count…

‘Cuz I’m #already gone
And I’m feelin’ strong
I will sing this vict’ry song
‘Cuz I’m #already gone…



The work never ends

Until Saturday morning

It’s time to #relax

#vss365 #haiku


Those who practice Tao do not believe in #satori, though it is a Buddhist concept. Their enlightenment comes from a slow, steady cultivation of observation and harmony. Arrival can take half a lifetime.

Both paths lead to the same place – who is to say what is best?



“Man, I wish I was your size, dude! I’m be ballin’!”

“There are positives and negatives to everything, my friend,” I replied.

“Aww, c’mon man, what could be bad about being that tall?!?”

Let me introduce you to my #back…



We walked through the fields of green until we happened upon a lone figure leaning against a tree. We asked her name.

“Narcissus,” she replied softly.

We looked at each other quizzically.

Suddenly, she morphed into a #flower.

A #flower?



My #cat is fat. There, I said it.

Her litter box is behind a gate with her food to protect both from the dogs. She’s so fat that she just poops in my bathroom instead of asking for help, or scaling it herself, which she can do.

Not a great start to the day…



Everything we are taught from childhood rejects the life of a #nomad. Get an education, find a mate, buy a house, and have children. Stay in one place until the children are grown, and the cycle repeats.

Perhaps this is why people who seek this life are romanticized.



“Try not to be alarmed – you are hearing things #because there are spirits floating about.”

“OK – I need to make a call…”



“Gather #round, children, and let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, there was an enchanted hotel in the woods…”

“Man, not the wedding story again…” the little boy protested.

“Shh…” I said quietly. It’s the only one he knows…”



An odd act was placed in the middle of the bluegrass festival. It seemed that only Fred was enjoying it.

“What the hell is this, Fred?”

“It’s called a #joik – Scandinavian folk music.”

“Time to get a beer.”



The reality of 2020 has changed many things in the way we live our lives in the Western world. One question remains, though…

Is anyone really comfortable in a Zoom #chat?



You see her at the table and decide that you would like to know her better. You sit and begin a conversation.

The ultimate irony? If you want to get #naked with her, you’re going to have to get #naked – metaphorically – right there on that chair.



I saw a post today about rediscovering love after exiting a #toxic relationship. It is a difficult thing to do, but points are scored for the simple act of exit.

How many people do you walk by daily who are enduring such a relationship because they see no way out?



“What are you listening to?”

“Rush. The song is called ‘The #Pass’.”

She sat down and listened intently. When the song was finished, she had one question.

“Are you this depressed all the time?”



The wake of his ship trailed off into the #sunset. With it, a huge part of her life.

She turned to her canine companion, without emotion.

“His loss.”



The young people proclaim that these are the most chaotic times in history.

We just nod quietly. We’ve seen that #movie too…



The field glows with anticipation. Each plant produces many buds which explode into prominence when the time is right. The sepals open and support the stars of the show. At night, they protect the stars from harm.

The #calyx – the bass players of the botanical world.



Here’s a thought…Cats are naturally #curious because they know they have eight lives to burn before it gets serious…

No? I’ll be sitting over here then…



It’s so easy to hide in the #online world. A place with little to no accountability where insults and shaming is de rigueur. A place where you can be bigger than you really are.

It’s fun to play, but try not to lose yourself in the process.



The sled team had been out for days. The dogs were energetic but a little tired. He surveyed the #frozen tundra for the next checkpoint.

Next stop: the doggy spa…



Riddle me this: What is it that all of us seek, but few of us grasp, and most don’t know when they have it?




The spark of invention struck at 3:25 AM. He figured out how to make his car five thousand times more efficient. He busily scribbled down the solution in his notebook.

Unfortunately, he did not watch his #head as he bounded down the stairs that morning…



I can hear angels #sing, accompanying every word from your mouth. It is sheer bliss.

I know it is not meant to last, but I will enjoy every moment while it does.



“Reeking like a pig sty Peeling back and gagging free…”

“Whoa – are you OK? What kind of song is that?!?”

She paused Spotify angrily. “Siouxsie and the #Banshees! Now go away!”

Peek-a boo!



The sculptor was proud to unveil his masterpiece to the Women’s Guild meeting.

“Behold my latest creation – a rendering of Michelangelo’s ‘David’ carved in #chocolate.”

“It’s not going to last the afternoon,” I thought.



Jimmy dreamed of being a huge rock star from when he was a little tyke. Through hard work and fortune, he finally made it to the top.

Only then did he realize what was waiting for him. A hungry #machine, waiting for its next victim…



Kiernan was obsessive. Every seam straight, tie and collar #even. Hardly a hair out of place.

It took him a while to get ready, but when he was, he was a sight to behold.



He wiped a #bead of sweat from his brow. He knew this required the utmost skill and patience.




We took our annual trip to California last week. Seven days of fun and frolic amongst the dunes by the #seaside.

It’s a knockout…



A tip of the cap to a man who showed that it was cool to be #dangerous.

RIP Sir Sean Connery.