“Are you mowing the lawn today?” asked his wife, expectantly.

“I shall await the #gloaming, to avail myself of the cool of the dusk.”

“Pretentious much?”



The raiders combed the overgrown fields, coming across what appeared to be two headstones under a spreading oak tree. It was difficult to make out the names on the stones, but one bore a clear inscription…

“I am not a smart man, but I know what #love is.”



I am exhausted
My thoughts wear me out
How much longer must I do this?

Picking up pen and paper
A vocation I did not seek
It is now my job to contemplate
The #mystery of life



“New music!” the Prince cried. “I need something fresh to match this beautiful Green Day!”

“We shall search the New Order, sire!” The Pretenders replied.

“There is no need to Rush,” the Prince said. “I want you to Bring Me the #Horizon”


9/04 (bonus)

Helen has told us she’s #whimsical
Forgive me if I’m a bit cynical
Thoughts I apply
Produce verses dry
I’d rather talk more metaphysical



Lance took a moment to understand what I had just told him.

“Give me a moment to #crystallize my thoughts.”

“Don’t take too long, bro. You get too many of those up there and new ones can’t enter.”



The lone eagle scans the valley at #daybreak
He knows not of deadlines, or wars, or intrigue
He only knows that his breakfast awaits him
In the furrows of the meadow below.

All is as it should be.



“What’s it like to be married to someone whose life depends on #serendipity?”

“You always keep a parachute packed.”



The name on the rusting hulk of a fuselage was difficult to uncover. The archaeologists knew that they had to uncover it to solve the mystery.

“Thompson! Have you found something?”

“Yes, sir! It reads, ‘Vomit #Comet’.”

“Someone’s playing a joke on us.”



Me: “Give me a quote about machine intelligence.”

Siri: “When does a personality simulation become the bitter mote…of a #soul?”

Me: “Is that a rhetorical question?”

Siri: “That is up to you to decide.”



The scene was becoming more frequent. A task that ordinary men would never think of doing, but it was required of him. He didn’t want his family to be #uprooted again.

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Swanson. Spanking Fresh Feminine Purification at your service.”



I turned on the TV like I did every morning. I saw #smoke billowing from one of the towers. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then, I saw the second plane hit the other tower. Live.

And I knew all of our lives had just changed forever.


9/11 (bonus)

I watched as the 250-year-old oak was #uprooted by your hand.

I also watched your #soul go up in #smoke. Metaphorically, of course…



This year was like any other year. The #floodwaters rose in the spring, inundating the fields with life.

It is now September, and the water has not receded. The reign of Kevin Costner is upon us.


9/12 (unpublished)

The #floodwaters are gone for the season, replaced by fire. #Smoke rises from #uprooted stumps across the #lunar landscape. Devastation is everywhere.

The #soul of the land is refreshed.



The sports car flashes across
The #lunar landscape of the desert
Miles and miles she drives
Safe in the cocoon
Of technology

She glances at a beaten down covered wagon
Marooned in the ocean of land
Oblivious to the irony



“Look out!”

The car hurtled toward the crosswalk – it would not be able to stop in time. The young man crossing the street performed a perfect #somersault in jumping out of the way.

Just another day in Gymnastica, IL…



More than 300 miles in his rear-view today. He admired the #amber hue of the sky at sunset as he refueled.

He had to continue on. The heat of retribution chasing him was relentless.



Their coupling ends
In #euphoric release
The emotion seldom higher

The expectancy swells
The next night they intend
To echo the fabulous fire



“Daddy, can you take me to the #carnivorous today?”

“That’s ‘carnival,’ sweetheart. Where did you learn that word, anyway?”

“I heard Mommy talking to her friend. She said you made her feel that way. Why would she say that?”

“You’ll learn soon enough, honey.”



Here I am again
#Infatuated with the idea
Of a love forever more

Surely this cannot end
In pieces on the ground
Like it always has before?



He gave her diamonds and fancy clothes. He gave her a mansion and a fast car. He gave her his most important possession: his time.

But he could not fill the #cavernous void of her soul.

She stared out of the window, alone and empty. He looked at her, defeated.



They were the envy of the night club. Their every move was pure grace. They seemed destined to be together, although they had only met thirty minutes ago.

He realized his night was about to take a turn when he noticed a tattoo on the inside of her lower lip.




He had experienced this feeling many times before. His fear penetrated the #marrow of his bones. This time, he was determined to see it through.

He paid his money, smiling at the girl of his dreams. She did not laugh at him. The ice cream was delicious.



In honor of Jay Ward, I present a 21st Century Fractured Fairytale:

Terry, Terry, non-binary
What’s in your #garden now?
A glam rock muse with fancy shoes
Schtupping your poor dairy cow



The activity on the family farm
Increases with the approaching #equinox
Grains are harvested in the dying light

The warmth of summer gives way
To the crisp autumn morning
Another cycle nears completion
In the circle of the years



As I survey the wreckage of my life
I often wonder: where has the #fire gone?
I used to care about so much
But now I don’t care about much at all
And I welcome the end at any time

Said the fly buzzing around my head…


9/24 (bonus)

The church stands gutted by #fire
No longer a haven for the fearful and oppressed
The woman glances longingly
At the devastation she has caused
And awaits her final judgment
Like a forsaken lover
Deceptive to the end

#vss365 (just because)


The sprinter mounts the starting blocks
Every muscle and #sinew taut, ready to spring
Reaction turns into power in the blink of an eye
The race is over seemingly before it starts

The fastest man in the world isn’t for long



She lay prone on the bed
Waiting for passion to #consume her
As it always had before

Her paramour did not appear
Due to an unfortunate high-speed meeting
With a majestic oak

Still she waits…



Penny hummed a tune idly, almost under her breath.

Rocky said, “I’ve heard that somewhere…”

“I think it’s called, ‘Across the #Universe.”

They smiled at each other and split up to break into the house faster. She came in through the bathroom window…



“What kind of asshole is he?” I whispered to Charles.


“That’s really good,” interrupted Hades, “but nobody can ever pronounce it. I’ll take ‘Lord of the Underworld,’ thanks.”



The astronomer focuses his lens
Answering his life’s calling
Peering into the cosmos
Contemplating the #dance of eternity



His car and the eighteen-wheeler were on a collision course. He had accepted the #inevitable.

At the moment of impact, his alarm went off. He laid motionless for five minutes, staring at the ceiling.

No coffee required today…