At that time of the #night
Your soul submits to the candle flame
Just another chapter in a lover’s game
At that time of the #night

#vss365 (h/t Marillion https://youtu.be/9Sh9YyEvIIg)


Brilliant blue skies
And a soothing breeze
Cannot wash clean
The stench of #murder in his soul

Expectant mother
Teen lovers
Old man at the chessboard

So many targets
So little time



“What in the hell happened here?!?”

Tommy looked up from the TV to see his enraged mother. “Nothing unusual, Mom.”

“There’s #blood on the floor!!”

“Fenrir stopped by for an afternoon snack. One less cat to feed.

Like I said, nothing unusual.”




The land yacht stopped at the Welcome Center as they entered Wyoming. As the remainder of his family used the rest rooms, Joe went inside. He mistakenly chose a brochure from the Zombie section.

“Traverse the #Organ Trail”



The convict stands on the gallows as the noose is tightened around his neck.
They can take his life, but they cannot take #away his dignity.
He passes from this life as an innocent man.



Dan sat in his recliner.
Gun in hand.
Hole in head.

The #demons win.



We drove down a dusty road, like all the others in northern Iowa. When we saw this, we knew we were not on just any road.

This was the place. The day the #music died.



She slid into the room as the #music started. The scent of her #perfume caught everyone’s attention.

She spied her quarry sitting at the piano. She sidled up to him, planting a kiss on his cheek.

As he turned to granite, the pianist exclaimed, “Medusa!”



A brilliant flash, a massive blast
It all seemed so important then
Who will be here to remember me
As my #bones crumble into dust?



Tim filled the large sack with money as Jenny covered the bank with her assault rifle.

Two young #lovers with nothing better to do.

They’re still running today.



The pain is excruciating. The #skin peels back from his palms, exposing tendon and bone. He must hold on or be sucked into the turbine.

He awakens with a shock. Looking out of the window, he sees Kansas. He is now wide awake as the jet streaks across the sky.



She knows exactly what she is doing. She teases and taunts him until that one phrase that arouses the #monster within him.

She welcomes his fury with open arms…and open legs.



She looks at him with a lascivious smile, a fresh strand of #pearls around her neck. He has given her what he can afford. They are temporary, but are replaced every night. To her, they are more valuable than any jewel.

In the distance, a radio sounds of ZZ Top…



The car lay in a crumpled heap. Miraculously, they survived.

Barry turned to Chris. “Could it get any #worse?”

“Don’t ever ask that question.”

The flash flood in the gulley rose around them.



#Alone on a hill, I cry into the wilderness. The world has turned against me, I have convinced myself. My phone explodes with support and caring that I do not hear.

The world has not changed. It is me.



Vito placed the briefcase on the table.

“That’s a whole #chunk of change, boss!”

“This is just the showroom, boy,” Vito said.

Little did he realize that the case full of phony money was the entire show.



Alone in the #darkness, my nemesis awaits. Confident in his attack, I will make easy prey today.

I have transformed. My vulnerable spots no longer hobble me. His attacks are futile.

The Impostor will not weaken me ever again.



Tammy looked through the shelves of the storeroom. A dusty volume on an upper shelf caught her eye. She took it down and opened it to the title page.

“The Legend of McGillicuddy’s Apparition”

“That’s ‘#ghost’ to you,” the book said to her. “I could never pronounce that other word.”



The jackals #devour their prey. The buzzards wait for their scraps. The leopard observes the scene.

There is no schedule to keep. None of them seeks promotion or adulation. There is no worry.

How did we deviate from this harmony?



She longs for a circumstance removed from the #dirt and grime of the ordinary. She awaits her savior alone, as if ensconced in a castle tower.

No one told her that life is no fairy tale.



The engines have frozen, the wing damaged. The plane and its occupants hurtle toward #oblivion.

I have never been more at peace than I am right now.



The viper wants not fame or riches. He comes for your #soul. Insatiable greed is his driving passion, longing for what he cannot possess on his own. His overtures are persuasive, but he cannot obtain what is not for sale.

My essence is safe.



He thought himself #invincible, as all young men do. He was the king of the world.

Lying in his bed, the machines breathe life into the broken container he once called a body. There is little he can do but accept. Reality is sometimes a cruel professor.



She strode with a satisfied smile as the #cellar door slammed shut. She had disposed of her tormentor once and for all.

But the beast came back to life. Screens throughout the castle berated her for her failure.

“Hello, I’m Marie Osmond for NutriSystem…”



He wakes in a daze, examining his predicament. He is conscious, but just barely.

All that is seen are branches and bark. Suddenly, the mother hawk arrives to pluck more delicacies for her young from his decaying body.

#Alive, but not living…



The passers-by recoiled in fear. The #horror of the scene was expected, but shocking nonetheless.

Marshmallow covered the building.



She let out a #shriek as she entered the room. Downy feathers covered everything in sight.

Samson the pug cowered in the corner. He knew he would be blamed.

Can a pillow spontaneously combust?



“I am concerned for your safety. I have some #grave misgivings about this.”

“No worries, Smithers. What could go wrong?”

Smithers should have rechecked the length of the bungee line.


10/29 – 10/30

Bathed in the #warm glow of family, I smile contently. My baby completed her passage into womanhood, her loving groom by her side.

The future is not assured, but the memory of that night is #eternal.



She slides into the room solo. The #raven-haired beauty makes every head turn. She is every inch Morticia.

Gomez meets her at the bar. Their every move is magic. They are made for each other.

When they are together, every night is Halloween.