Nattie walks through the day in a haze. She claims an #oneiric nature to this, but those who know her think something is amiss.

The pipe stem sticking out of her back pocket could be a clue.



The viceroy examined the signature and found it to be legitimate.

“One thing…red #ink from a quill pen?”

The baron smiled to himself. The deed was signed in his brother’s blood…



We broke the door open to the secluded warehouse, finding a pile of old machinery in one corner. The machines all had a faded sticker: “#Vote”

What a quaint notion, I thought to myself…



He #exuberantly grabbed the reins and snapped the horses into life.

If he knew how this scene ended, he might not have felt that way.



She raced to the scene of the accident. She saw what no one wants to see. Once the shock passed, she took #solace in the fact that he loved her and he had led a full life.

She felt a hand on her shoulder. She heard a voice…”I will be with you…always…”



The tired, frustrated man sat at the end of the bar, ranting to anyone within earshot. The barkeep began lessening the amount of each order. The man loudly demanded the member’s #pour.

His final demand was to be unhanded as he was ejected from the establishment.



The legend endured…

The Kamikaze – “The #Divine Wind” – would once again save the island from invasion.

It was devastating, but not strong enough…



The company posted its 35th straight quarter of improving sales numbers, making it stand out among its competitors. Critics questioned the company’s methods.

The critics were right. Late night Fridays trying to #fudge the numbers.



As you get older, it becomes more difficult to get #excited about much of anything. You have seen the ebb and flow of events, rising and falling like the seasons.

Or, you just may be tired.



“I saw the strangest thing today, officer. I saw several people suddenly don kilts and start walking toward #Scotland.”

“Are you sure you’re alright, sir?”

(Bagpipe music)

“I’m sorry, I must go. The Highlands are a’calling.”



My partner came bounding from the house we were renovating.

“Look!! Look!! It’s a Renoir!! In beautiful condition!!!”

He shoved it at me. I examined it quickly.

“It’s a #print – not even a very good one.”




He dreamed of his new guitar for months. The shape, the shine, the tone, the sustain…he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it.

When Christmas came, a #miniature replica was all his parents could afford…



My band always liked playing on a Friday the 13th. The crowd was usually more energized on those nights.

We always dusted off one song for those occasions. Why? Oh, I don’t know…#superstition?



I am happy to say that I have carved a career out of being #translational between business needs and technical solutions. Now, if I could only get someone to believe my CV…



The quick and expedient path is seductive, but ultimately futile. The flame of freedom pays the price of eternal vigilance.

Evil is forever #reborn when the lessons of the past are not taught.



The #laughter was always there. Sometimes directly, but most of the time in the background. There was no reason to believe that they were wrong.

He kept trying, though. He only needed to succeed once.



The celestial band has another member. It’s someone who they have been eagerly awaiting, but who arrived much too soon.

Freed of the earthly concerns of ego and competition, he takes his place among the greats. One eternal #jam session where there is no last call.



How important is your reputation?

A young boy spent great amounts of time #prevaricating about a looming attack. When the moment of truth arrived, no one believed him.

Mainly because it turned out to be just another story…



What do you do when you’re not in the mood?

Plop your #plump ass on the couch and watch TV. The mood will return.



“I am so grateful that we could come #together on a day like today. I appreciate every one of you.”

All irony was lost once the vilification began…



“I ask you, does this bird look like it has any capacity to #pine for the fjords?!?”



The independent man rejects the idea that he needs any help from anyone. He can therefore only be as great as himself.

In order to achieve things that cannot be done alone, it is required to #collaborate.

Why limit yourself?



Tamara gazed into the #mirror, unsure of what she was seeing. The reflection did not appear familiar. It was neither better nor worse – just different.

Maybe that old woman was a witch…



The explorer placed the object on the table. Whatever it was, it was obviously encased in #wax.

The professor applied a blow torch to melt it away. Green liquid oozed onto the table.

“Dr. Scott! You’ve never seen a Nik-L-Nip before?!?”



The big day is upon us. Walter makes sure his uniform is pressed and perfect as he lines up with his other junior farmers to accompany the float down Main Street.

It would be the only #parade he would ever see.



The sky at sunset exploded in a colorful #mosaic. Reds, blues, purples – it was as if God had painted it just for him.

He pulled over and parked his car to enjoy the moment.

Beauty is fleeting, and should be cherished.



Never so much excitement, nor such despair, as when one allows the #heart to rule the mind.



Everyone has plumbed the depths of #despair.

The issue is – everyone’s well is a different depth.



Everyone does it. Not everyone is good at it. Kingdoms have fallen because of it. Lawyers get rich because of it. It is something you don’t talk about, but think about all the time.

There, I said it: #sex makes the world go ’round…



It would take too long to list things we hold #dear. Suffice to say that any one of them keeps me getting up every morning.