I lie in wait, full of potential. This night could be full of wonder and joy. This night could be full of destruction and mayhem.

Light #fuse. Get away.



They enter the bedroom ripping their clothes away. Nothing will stop them from fulfilling their greatest desires for each other. They are consumed utterly.

The #cuffs stay in the drawer tonight.



The baseball got away from Timmy again. It rolled down the street and into the sewer #grate.

“There goes another one! Great job, Timmy!”

The game was over for today. Later, Timmy retrieved the ball from the ledge he had built. He was in control of the game.



She arrives for her weekly lesson, brimming with anticipation. Her only desire is to serve her master and cater to his every whim.

A riding #crop is within reach, should she disobey.

Her cheeks grow red.



The Jeep lay crumpled deep in the ravine. A miracle that anyone survived.

He awoke in a #haze. All he could remember was avoiding the lump in the middle of the road.

He climbed out and saw the lump still there. Uncovering it, he recoiled in horror.

His face…



“If I don’t get some #trim tonight, I’m gonna bust.”


“You know…#trim…mugambo…sex…”

Candy laughed. “I didn’t understand you 40 years ago, Reggie. What makes you think I understand you now, you old fool?!?”



The sign could not be missed. “#Tread lightly – Cryptogamic soil”

“Fuck that shit!” Jimmy yelled. “To hell with these eco-assholes!”

They rounded the next hill on their ATVs. The velociraptors were waiting.



The speakers blare hate. “We will #crush them into dust!” the disembodied voice implores.

The passers-by barely notice. The message is the same every morning.

Increasing the poison in the well is the only tool of the desperate.



I stood alone on a cliff. The heavens #spoke to me.

“Enough of your stalling. Make your mark.”

When I returned the next day, no one recognized me. I left them all behind to chase my dreams.

All I left behind was a legend.



“Daddy, why do people take joy in causing other’s pain?”

“Some people are like that, son,” the father explained. “You like teasing your little sister, no?”

The boy grew silent.

“Always remember, son, there is a little #troll in all of us.”



A notice of Eminent Domain arrived in the mail today.

“They can’t do this! Let’s #march down to City Hall!!”

His wife continued removing items from the envelope. “What’s this? A check…for at least three times what this dump is worth!”

“Never mind.”



“Are you ever going to grow up?”

Timmy looked up from his hunch in the corner, busted by Mom making #crank calls again to Japan.

“I didn’t even think you could use your phone!”

“Seikyū-sho o uketoru made machimasu,” Timmy said.

(“Wait until you get the bill.”)



The novice can only sail one way. The experienced sailor can turn into the #wind and still make progress.

When the #wind is against you, learn how to use it. Keep going.



“You really need to stop eating Corn Nuts.”

“You think?” I responded sarcastically. “This will the third crown this year!”

“Have a seat,” my dentist said. “You know the #drill…”



I couldn’t believe it. There is Patrick Stewart having a coffee at my shop.

I summoned the courage to say hello.

“Sir Patrick, you have been so successful at life. What is your secret?”

“In for a penny, in for a #pound.”



We follow a succession of trucks down the lonely interstate.

“Why can’t we go faster?!?” I plead.

“Catching the truck’s #draft, babe! 50 MPG!!”

What good is high mileage if you don’t live to finish the trip?



He was determined to win her love. He #plucked the finest flowers from the field in a stunning bouquet.

When he presented them to her, she scoffed.

“Owdinawy!” she cried. “Where is Shewwif Bart?!?”



Another night at the club. Hope springs eternal. Oblivious to the reaction, you know they will have a good time no matter what happens.

They will be #jive talkin’…



She glanced at him across the beach, her blue eyes sparkling in the sun. She was radiant.

He hesitated, as he always did. The conscience on his right shoulder begged him to stop.

The devil on his left had other ideas. “You know what to do, G. #Bust a move.”



They had been study buddies this entire term. She felt the heat rising between them over the last few weeks, but he was difficult to read.

Friday night was not meant for studying, but she got a text from him anyway.

“Come and #play…”



The sign made things clear. “Please #refrain from raising your hands on the ride.”

The reason was clear when the coaster reached the corkscrew. The lucky ones saw the limbs in various states of decay underneath and heeded the sign.

The unlucky ones added to the pile.



A million thoughts race.

Will he ask me? Do I look OK? Smell OK? How is my breath? Will he ask me? Does he like my outfit?

The mental whirlwind silences with three words.

“Save the #date…”



She rises early to #tackle the day. Eyes shine brightly for the first time in ages.

Everywhere she goes, joy and light follow. She can turn the world on with her smile.



The crowd gathers for the orgy of tribal affirmation. Speaker after speaker #rave of hate and distrust.

The truth does not matter here. Only one thing does.




The children from our middle school went on a field trip to the #mint in the big city. All were amazed at the size of the machinery and the stacks of money.

Bobby stood transfixed at the window in front of the printing press.

“They just print more money? What makes it valuable?”



The stakes #loom large. Every player has the butterflies of impending combat.

At the end, glorious victory, or crushing defeat.

The only way to know…

Is to play…



“Do as we demand, or we will #lash you to the mast!”

He laughed, until he was taken from his family and tied up.

This was not the Disneyland ride of his childhood.



Another late night, preparing for the case.

A pair of birds #strike the window and fall to their deaths.

Despite the memo, we have left the lights burning bright. Our focus has now cost lives. We look at each other in disgust, then return to our work.



Life has been a fairy tale, cared for and prepared to succeed. The right look, the right job, the right mate…

And then…One #slip…



Why can we not have forever? Are we not destined to play amongst the stars?

We cannot fight the forces pulling us apart. War waits for no man.

Our #parting is sweet sorrow, for we know. Begin the long night until we meet again.