He demonstrated his strength by #bridging out of the pinning predicament.

Which would be impressive, if he were in the ring. It’s not so good when your wife wants a cuddle.



The soothing calm of the #Atlantic is a fickle mistress. One day serene, the next a tempest. No port is safe when the lady is angry.

I’m beginning to think this private cruise boat was a bad investment.



I watch the approaching storm from our porch, looking out over the lake. Small waves become #whitecaps as the wind increases. I am safe and dry as the rain starts to soak the yard around me. An oasis of peace.

Our dream house was constructed just for this afternoon.



The line of #seagulls appears again on the eaves of the house. The children line up to board the bus for another day.

Upon departure, the birds scan the sidewalk for a carelessly abandoned lunch sack. Seeing none, they disperse until tomorrow, hoping for a jackpot.



His robe contained many names. It was his #tribute to the people who helped him get here. When the match began, he cast it aside roughly.

He had to stop using this gimmick – the disrespect his character had for these mentors ate the real man alive.



Crop tops, massive hair. Bubble gum pops from frosted lips. Walk the tease, keeping the boys at bay. She has found her comfort zone.

#Seventeen forever.



He moves through his performance smoothly, calling up #patch after #patch on his solitary keyboard. The crowd sits in awe of his acumen.

Only he knows how much time and effort has gone into preparing for such effortless performance. His muse has consumed his life.



He tried everything to generate a #spark between them. Flowers. Sweets. Fancy dinners. Nothing worked.

He was out of ideas. She whispered in his ear. “Why don’t we just go back to your place?”

One should not overthink things.



Their eyes meet from across the room. With a quick glance, the agreement is binding but not #spoken.

It’s corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day supper.



The young ensign stays at his post as the ship collapses around him. The weapons he commands must be used to full effect. Finally, an explosion near him delivers the fatal blow.

As he fades to black, he hears the soothing tones of his father. The #word is given.



“Can you look up the ‘vss’ word for me?”

“#Unfathomable,” called the voice from the kitchen.

“Wow. A word I can’t spell, or even pronounce. How will I use it in a story?”

“#Unfathomable,” called the voice from the kitchen.



He stood alone on the podium, his victory conquering almost #insurmountable odds. He would be called “World’s Fastest Human.” An amazing feat for a 10-year-old.

He took to the microphone hesitantly. “It was all because my Dad said I could run as fast as I could.”



Over the ages, the definition of a single word has changed so often that it does not have meaning to many. For some, it is all they cling to.

What is “#normal?”



“I think he’s a #foreign agent.”

“Why would you say that?”

“All of his speeches read like propaganda releases, six hours delayed.”

“From what country?”

“All of them.”



#Stroopwafel Marzipan Gevulde Kuchen


“What is The Netherlands”

“Correct! Next selection…”

“Sweets of the World for €2,000, Alex.”



Timmy and Scott paused at the store window, marveling at the display.

“I wonder what a #mannequin would say?” Timmy asked idly.

“I know! I know!” Scott was jumping with excitement. “‘Can somebody bring us lunch?!?'”



Built without emotion, but his pride betrays him.

“I am an android – not a #robot.”



Flash cards. Afternoon naps. Tag in the yard. Pain was a skinned knee. Your world ended at the cyclone fence.

Why did we ever leave #kindergarten?



Sparrow called on an #armada of ships to prepare for the invasion. His instructions were simple.

“Follow me into the breach.”

The ship captains looked at each other and laughed. The eldest spoke up in response.

“You don’t have enough treasure!”



You manage your affairs in a less than #organized manner. Your rent is always late. You always ask people for money. You waste what little you have living a life you can no longer afford.

Pay your rent in full next month. Surprise me for once.



“So, Tim, you think you’re a writer? Let’s see you write a #haiku.”

“I’ve tried, many times,” said Tim. “They always turn into limericks.”



Scanning the list, I run across several opportunities to involve others, both near and far. Some irritate, while many appreciate and pass it along.

#Acrostic is the theme. Friendship is the goal.



The days grow #short, the cold wind rises. Leaves have fallen from the trees.

We are prepared. The wood is split and stacked by the fireplace. Our hearts glow in the warmth of our happy home.



We drive by the rice paddies every day on our way to his school. My son stares out of the window, dreaming his dreamy dreams.

“Look Mommy! A #stork!”

It’s a heron, actually. But who am I to shatter him so early in life?



Your love embraces me, keeping me #cozy and warm. Like a quilted blanket on a cold winter’s night. I do not know how I ever lived without it.

I would do anything to make the feeling last forever.



The mother and her daughter walked along the aisles of the farmer’s market, occasionally sampling the #delicious offerings. Normally, the vendors would object, but now they waved enthusiastically.

They were the only two in the market.



“After three kilometers, your #outblowing will feel great!”

Giggles and frustrated looks permeate the room.

“You do not know that term?” asked the teacher. “It means feeling good after exercise.”

The girls in the class sighed in unison, relief across their faces.



I found a #toad by the side of the road

He looked so forlorn that chance fateful morn

I bent down to kiss him, a flash lit the sky

He stayed short and croaky, left me asking why



She bought these jeans specifically to show off her ample #butt. Unfortunately, she didn’t read the label.

She never made it out of the bedroom.



“They say that the cyber world is infinite. This is not true. I have found the #finisterre.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, smart guy,” I protested.

“Here – endoftheinternet.com



“You have a new coffee cup,” I said to Zoey. “Is it in two pieces?”

“Yes,” she replied proudly. “I got it at the bazaar last weekend. It’s a beautiful ceramic vessel with a #zarf!”

I backed away slowly with a thin smile on my lips.