Bonus Limerick!

There once was a rogue Borg collective
Which traveled in space undetected
Their manner depraved
The Federation saved
By a Captain dressed like a detective


The haggard ship surveyed the #littoral area for a refuge from the storm…

“You and your damn fifty-cent words. What say we park this thing before it sinks?!?”



“We’ll pick up some #hydrangea as well, to give the area a little color,” the landscaper said.

“I’m glad you know all of this – I’d be lost,” the Senator replied. The landscaper smiled.

Each person is valuable, and brings unique gifts to the world.



One more. That will do the trick. She filled the shot glass to the rim and downed it. Looking in the mirror, summoning all of the #potvalor she could.

She turned to her partner and smiled. “It’s time.”

They emerged from her room to change their lives forever.



“Why aren’t field hospitals properly supplied with equipment that could save more lives?” asked the reporter.

“That question has a lot of #buckshot in it…” the general replied.

“I’m sure the answer will too…”



My brother and I were inseparable. Touch football in the yard. Early mornings fishing in the #slough. Testing our strength always.

What I would give for one more fishing trip.



Muscles engaged, #sinews taut. Face wracked with intensity. All energy focused on the right wrist.

“OK, man!! I’ll empty the dishwasher this time! Chill!!”



Minah arrived at the party with her hair in the color of an #aurora. Her friends were shocked.

“You have to go to work at the attorney’s office Monday! You can’t work looking like that!”

She produced a slip of paper from her purse. “Lotto, kids. I never have to work again!”



The world has been on pause for long enough. There is work to be done. I long to emerge from my #languor.

But not today.



She ran up to the barricade, showing her #effervescent smile. She couldn’t hide her fandom.

The star strode past her, returning her smile, as he did for all of the others showing their adulation.

She was convinced that he only responded to her.



For years, he had searched for the #panacea to all of his perceived ills. Money. Women. Fast cars. He found himself still empty, unfulfilled.

When all was taken away, he found what he had always been searching for, in himself. He smiled as he faded away.



I’ve waited long enough.

Sinking my teeth into the #sapid dough. Luxuriating in the alfredo sauce. Devouring the toppings.

Happy birthday to me.



They had become #inured to Tommy’s sousaphone practice. They already accepted his small frame’s inability to even hold the brass octopus off the ground.

When the neighbors beat on the front door wielding pitchforks and torches, they could not ignore reality any longer.



The aroma of a succulent garden. The taste of #ambrosia. Refreshing beyond description.

The server startled me. “Wake up, man! It’s just a bloody Bloody Mary! You want another one?”

Who am I to refuse another trip to paradise…



You look everywhere, but find no peace. The answer is obvious, but you do not wish to hear it. You must cast aside the visceral world and descend into the #penetralia of the soul.

The most difficult work you will ever do.



He sneaks into the library at dusk, avoiding personal contact at all costs. He reaches his #carrel and opens his laptop. Doing the same thing he does every night…



I had several days before I needed to be in Chicago for the conference. Time enough to fit in a little working vacation.

All aboard the California #Zephyr



“…And thy shalt be cast into the #benthos…”

Thompson turned to Peters. “What did he just say?”

“Oh, God,” whispered Peters. “He’s been reading Shakespeare again. He means we’re going to sink his ship.”

Thompson turned and smiled. “I can get behind that.”



The behavior of animals who travel together has always fascinated me. How they #constellate into formation for efficiency and protection.

Who teaches them the structure?



My aunt was shredding loaves of French bread one morning. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“We’re going to the lake today, and we need to bring something for the fish.”

Hundreds of koi fish #ingurgitating handfuls of bread – I’d never seen such a frenzy before or since.



She was honored that the wizard took the time to see her. He reached into his pocket and gave her a #periapt – a charm with a necklace of shining gold.

“Here, child – this will protect you.”

“I’m only going back to work at the office…”



The workers were ordered to dig the tunnel through the mountains, even though the engineer had warned of #submontane pockets of gas.

The explosion shook the Earth. Countless souls perished, soon to be placed. The train moved on.



The video game sat on pause. A voice rose from the couch.

“Mom, why won’t anybody give me a job?!?”

“It could be your penchant for #velleity,” I called back from the kitchen.

I only heard the silence of confusion in response.



“Where do they come from?” asked the Captain.

“They are #tellurian,” explained the science officer. “They live here.”

“I think your definition of that term needs some work.”



He sighed as he surveyed the #rubiginous state of the cars in the yard. He knew all of them worked – they were just not attractive.

He pointed Daniel at the piles of sandpaper and paint. “Choose – make it pretty, and it’s yours.”



Leaving Las Vegas by air is an unsettling experience. Everywhere you look is tan. I know that in five hours the scene out of the window will be a #verdant carpet.

It feels like a nice place to live, as opposed to the lunar landscape I left.



She waits patiently at the door. When he arrives, she #slathers kisses all over his face. It lasts for minutes.

This scene never gets old.



“One more time, Kermit…”

“It’s not easy maintaining my #viridity.”

“Simpler, please…”



The summer party on the block. Songs and laughter fill the air. Your eyes meet mine.

A momentary #escapade that will bind us together forever.



Early morning mist covers the river. My single #scull cuts a path through the calm, cleaving the water as fast as I can go.

I don’t know how you start your day, but I cannot think of any other way.



Blair shouted into his bullhorn. “Are we going to take this any more? No!! I say #nix!”

Andy turned to Mike. “So, you said he got a parking ticket, right?”

“Yeah – we need to work on his sense of proportion.”