“I’m voting for #chaos.”
I heard that many times four years ago.
It’s easy to say when you cannot be held accountable.
And then they wonder why people don’t listen to them any more…



I had been lost for so long. No direction. Nothing to live for.
Then I met you.
An #angel, walking the Earth.



“Stay clear of Lester today, man. He’s really got his #demogorgon on.”
“Really? I thought he just had indigestion…”



What is a #patriot?
Are you loyal to a regime, or to an ideal?
Does your loyalty to a regime blind you to the ideal?
Does your loyalty to the ideal come with conditions?

Check yourself…



The word “#moron” is a very hurtful word. It presumes a level of intelligence that is much less than the minimum required to function in society. It is one of the worst things you can call a person.

However, there are times when it is appropriate…



I learned at the foot of the master – my father. I have often had to answer this question – Does the #skeptic ever believe in anything?

I believe I’ll have another beer…



If you just look at me, you would never know…
If you’re 555, then I’m 666 – what’s it like to be a #heretic?



“I was going for the modern #aesthetic – clean, bright, spacious.”

“I might be able to live with this – I was thinking there would be walls, though…”



We finally made it back to the zoo. Most of the animals appeared to be glad to see us.

We made a beeline for the #pachyderm house – she felt a special kinship with these massive beasts.

Now is as good a time as any…



“Success has many fathers – failure is an #orphan.”

No wonder I’ve failed at so many things I have done…



How lonely is the life of the #xenophobe? The only thing that changes is the size and shape of the border between “inside” and “outside.”

How can you be in, if there is no outside?



Occasionally, a person with great #charisma attains a leadership position in spite of obvious flaws. Sometimes, that person rises to the position and does great things. Unfortunately, most times the cult of personality leads the society to ruin.



It is said that a woman’s heart is a deep #ocean of secrets. That would mean that there are literally billions of secrets walking the streets daily.

What would the world be like if they were all set free?



The CEO cannot understand why his business is failing, but it is obvious to most.

His only requirement of employment is that you are a #sycophant…The news you need to hear is not always fawning…



The #chronicle of a life has many chapters. Learning, doing, and enjoying. Your job is to fill those chapters with material that is worthy of review.

You are the author, and the sole reviewer. Here’s to earning a five-star review.



The act of securing trust by devious means is #anathema to rational beings. Fortunately, living a lie requires so much energy that the perpetrator eventually tires. When the truth emerges, he is banished forever.

The only thing that is not remedied: the damage done…



“I don’t understand – what is the difference between an epidemic and a #pandemic?”

“They are both from Greek. I guess you missed that class in high school,” he said dismissively.

Misunderstanding is an epidemic…



It is a fool’s errand to make sense of it. The rules keep changing.

How easy it is to #ostracize – how difficult to understand.



The thirst for power is inversely proportional to the degree of #empathy in any leader. An imbalance of either is destructive to the institution.

In a functioning society, the people cure the imbalance. The wise man displays patience.



Look into the prism
Examine the #schism
Misplaced activism
Destroy for their ism

A house divided can’t stand…



The task for today Write a #poem straight away Doesn’t have to be good But really it should Make a little more sense than this



I opened the sheet for the video shoot and stopped. I shouldn’t be surprised at anything I read on these, but this one was still a little strange…

Everybody walk the #dinosaur…



It seems that the troubles of the #galaxy fall upon one’s shoulders. It appears too much to handle.

And it is.

Keep your little corner of the universe clean. It’s a start.



“Come hither and sample the #nectar of the Gods!”

I think this medieval theme at the brewpub has gone to their collective heads.



She chose her best little black dress and showed it to him. “Would this be OK tonight?” she asked.

“Since it’s an #exorcism, I don’t think anyone will care. You aren’t the center of attention.”



I had been to the best doctors on Earth, but no one could ever explain my #phobia.

I suppose that a person can live without penguins in their life…



Some wax #nostalgic for a simpler time when the world moved more slowly. To me, they are saying that ignorance is bliss.

My love is learning. There is no better time than now.



Nature displays several ways of defense for its myriad creatures. Some adopt camouflage to evade notice. The #iridescence of others’ skin is a warning – eat me and be poisoned.

Of course, there are those who are ignorant of the danger…



The bravest people can be found in the most unsuspecting places. People dedicated to their jobs, caring for those who fall ill, asking little in return.

#Heroes wear masks…



The most important laws of the universe are not written on #paper. They are the laws of interaction and duty, known to the East as “dharma.” One does not need to be a scholar to understand and leverage these laws for the common good.



She stood before the carnage, her mouth #agape. The instant of violence had left piles of twisted metal in its wake.

And in mere seconds, her life was changed forever. Just imagine if she had known any of the victims.