A wish for 2020: People will be more impressed by leaders who are soft-spoken, knowledgeable, and stay within their expertise, as opposed to the parade of #charlatans we currently endure.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…



Disturbed writing session, 1999:

“See but I don’t get it Don’t you think maybe we could put it on credit Don’t you think it can take control when I don’t let it I get #obfuscated!”

“Uh, Dave, let’s try a different word – maybe ‘stupefied’?”



The hunt is on for the elusive #unicorn. High in spirit, living life to the fullest, interested in everything you do. Finding one would make your life complete.

Behold the status of those of us who have failed…



Once again, the #latent thoughts of despair consume him. All around is dark. There is no way out, or so it seems.

Every day there is a dawn. The light is brilliant if you let it in.



True story: I tore down a brick planter box to make way for a new pergola. My wife made sure that my little girl was at a friend’s house since I had to #disinter a few small animals and move them to another area.

Being a father can mean being a cemetery groundskeeper.



The #yip of our chihuahua seems incessant. Most people would be irritated beyond belief, but we pass it off as just another household noise.

He thinks he is a Great Dane. Who are we to shatter his illusion?



“Our plan is to #obviate the potentially deleterious effects of the new policy.”

“I’m so glad you went to college, Matt. What the hell did you just say?”

“We’re gonna screw ’em up good.”

“Roger that.”



“Collins, the flanking action is going well. Did you give that order?”

“It was never my intention to #usurp your authority, sir.”

“True. It was a brilliant move. Please speak up again in the future.”

As this was said, a bullet felled the commander. Now, a moot point.



The elders sit on the bench watching the children play, personifications of #kinetic energy. One grizzled face looks at the next, and they nod knowingly and smile.

More fuel for their extraction machine…



You could see the frustration rising. Mary was not used to someone being so #inquisitive.

Especially not the neighbor’s four-year-old kid.

This could lead to a major life choice.



They could hear the dinner bell. They ran home with a #lively gait. It had not occurred to them that it was early afternoon.

They reached the porch to find their mother in tears, their dog lying motionless beside her.

They would never answer the dinner bell again.



A rare moment of clarity produces the realization that he is lacking. In his #languor, life passes him by.

No one told him when to run.



Every head turned. The #opaline radiance of her pendant thrilled everyone in the room.

“Why must they all stare at me so?” she asked.

“Perhaps something in an onyx next time,” her assistant replied.



He had never done this before, but this was an emergency. He cut through soft tissue and #fibrous cartilage to insert a tube that the injured man would use to breathe.

I can imagine what it was like.

“No, you can’t – you had to be there.”



His speech was riveting, the crowd mesmerized. Even so, he felt he needed to end with a #flourish.

“A vote for me is a vote for progress and security!” The crowd roared its approval. And then he vanished in a plume of smoke.

He never made it to Election Day.



The feeling stirs again. It is a desire – no, #yearning – she has felt many times before. It is calling to her, its plaintive cry echoing in the wilderness.

Damn that New Year’s resolution…



No one dared tread on the #riparian encampment, especially at night. Stories were told about abuse, terror, and animal sacrifice.

The denizens did not care. It allowed them to play their Twister games in peace.



“Do you know what it says?”

Everyone in the group demurred, trying to make sense of the #muddled message. Finally, Simpson was able to make out the words on the crumpled paper.

“Get back to work.”



“It took our team months of painstaking research to take this one fragment of a toe and #articulate the rest of the body.

I present to you our latest archaeological find. I hope you are as excited as we are.”



Her hair was amazing, flowing long auburn locks with a scent that had hints of #jasmine and lilies.

And kelp…


1/21 – 1/25

Missed – medical issues


His dream is not like other dreams. He wants to prove everyone wrong. This land is not wasted – you can grow incredible things here. Reap the bounty of the land.

His dream is to make his home on the nuclear test #range.



Even my cruel streak has limits. It is a fate that I would not wish on my worst #adversary.

Single chaperone. Six children, ages 6-10. Chuck E. Cheese for the afternoon.

I wish you well…



If I #could, I would, but since I can’t, I won’t.

The motto of someone who didn’t want to do anything anyway.



Independent, self-published book distribution affords a #tremendous – it is truly up to you if you succeed. You no longer need to prove your worth to others to start your journey.

The downside? There’s no machine to let people know who you are. Promote!



“Give me #extra today, mate. I’m feeling saucy.

The waiter rolled his eyes at the lame joke. He returned with a small container of sauce on the side.

“They love it when I throw in a joke like that,” he said to his date.

“No, they don’t.”



“I cannot paint a #rosy picture for you, Sally,” the doctor intoned. “there’s only a slim chance for recovery.”

Sally looked down at the man in the multi-colored hat, wires and tubes across his body.

“And there’s nothing I can do about this until November?”