Powers greater than me have determined my destiny, without any of my input. My years stretch before me in predictable cadence. I cannot imagine a more horrible fate.

It will take all of my resources to flip the #script.



They came for him again, straitjacket at the ready. He would no longer be a danger to himself or others.

I caught a glimpse as he was wheeled away. I was able to whisper a question: “Why?”

“#Sanity is overrated, kid.”



I am always at a disadvantage. Much of your life has led to this moment, but we have only just met.

I appreciate your devotion, but I do not wish to participate in your #fantasy.

RIP Professor.



The answer is…

“My lifestyle determines my death style.”

No one?

The question is: “What is ‘#Frantic’?”

And the last answer in the category, “Underappreciated Metallica Songs…”



Tim pulled over to the side of the road. None of this looked familiar to him. e removed the old dog-eared #atlas from the pouch behind the passenger seat.

Page 63…The Petrified Forest…

Hoping to see the Highway Patrol now…



He needed to go through his morning #ritual or his day didn’t flow quite right.

Of course, his methods were not everyone’s…



The trio explore the #enchanted forest in search of…no one is sure. The torches pierce the darkness. Strange noises increase as they go along.

They round the tall thicket to find…




“According to Wikipedia, you could produce a #mule almost anywhere.”

“So what’s so important about Moscow?”

“Nothing. It just memorializes the guy who first made it. I guess he thought the name was cute.”

Annals in stupid questions…



Everyone has eaten. The elders survey the horizon while the children play. Everyone is safe and content.

She takes #pride in her #pride.



“When I die, I have but one #request.”

“Anything, father.”

“Take my cremated ashes and sprinkle them on Cindy Crawford’s breakfast cereal. I will die happy knowing that she has eaten me.”

“You’re really weird, you know that?”



You force your will, reciting the way things ought to be and belittling any who deign oppose you. Every interaction is a battle. Your career has been leading up to this, falsely believing your can drive this yourself.

Failure awaits. You have no #ally this time.


02/12 – 02/15



“Before God, I swear this #creed. My rifle and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.”

“I doubt the deer are taking over the country. Get in.”



A man lives a life of service and kindness. A pillar of the community. No one questioned his lifestyle, but they should have.

He succumbed to the most difficult of the Seven Deadly Sins to avoid.




The soldiers creep up to #infiltrate the compound. They are sure that the enemy command emanates from here.

They blast open the door, only to find a large teddy bear with a recording of laughter.

“We’ve been ratted out, boys…” were the sergeant’s last words…


02/19 – 02/20

Skipped – medical


“There is only one #solution for your pain, sir,” the doctor explained. “You must let me operate.”

It was a test of faith for the young Christian Scientist. After sincere contemplation, he told the doctor that God would heal him.

His funeral service is next Tuesday.



There is a word. A word that all sane people long for. A word that can hide a point of view.


One person’s #peace can be another’s enslavement.

Strive for the absolute.



All of the cameras captured the #royal party as they descended the steps in front of the church. The Queen stopped at the microphones to speak.

“The monarchy has been disbanded. You may all go home.”

The crowd stopped and gasped as the Queen smiled quietly to herself.



She attends every cotillion, striving to be the #belle of the evening. The desire becomes addiction, actions becoming more ruthless over time.

Living alone, she embeds this addiction to her young adopted cousin. One more life on the road to ruin.



The old man shouted at the top of his lungs. “This new mixture of #spirits and elixirs will cure all of your maladies!”

The skeptical crowd stood in silence. Flustered, the man took a swig to demonstrate.

The bottle fell to the ground next to the newly-minted toad.



The soldiers walked through the marketplace, rifles at the ready. They viewed the huddled peasants as #vermin – not worth the ammunition.

Two fighters spring from the masses and cut down the entire patrol with swift, accurate strikes. Another group of careless idiots.



The conductor asked, “What is your #destination?”

The young man tried to look cool. “Wherever you’re going, Pops!”

He quickly realized you don’t give a choice to the staff of the Stygian Express.



The circle sits in #deathly silence. They glance at each other, unsure of the next move.

Finally, Tommy moves forward slowly. His high-pitched voice breaks the tension.

“Right hand green!”



It’s so hard. Fighting the programming. You’re not good enough. No one will listen. You’re wasting your time – and your life.

#Purge the demons. Cast them out. I am important. I am worthy. I matter.

Every day.