Lines of cars carrying worried people snake through the parking lot. Concerned of the news they may receive.

A #portent of a dark winter ahead.



The vigil continues on its twelfth day. The scenes repeat themselves all over the land, each on their own rollercoaster. We don’t know how it came, but we wish it would just leave.

Thoughts of hope and healing on this #silent night.



A government can only succeed with the consent of the governed. The Quixotic quest to #overturn the voice of the people is a short-term goal in a long-term world.

Whether you think you’re right or not…



Standing on the final cliff, looking back at the vast #expanse of a failed life. One step, and there is nothing more to do.



It is only a matter of time. Sooner or later, reality will decimate the #imaginary world that has been created. What then?



The challenge of competition is a constant in our lives. Always you are asked, “How do you #measure up?”

For me, I rely on the immortal words of Ty Webb…

“By height…”



The warplanes arrived at dawn, catching everyone by surprise. The devastation was almost total. How many #stalwart souls perished on that fine December morning?



They walked through the square with purpose. A Christmas #melody played softly on the sound system at an electronics store. The father begged for his daughter to keep up.

They were on their most important errand of the season. The happiness of the entire family hung in the balance.



Her mind was made up. Explanations were useless. No amount of reason would #alter her plans.

Rodeo Drive it was.



The haggard old man came into the village one evening. Forever the #outcast, the villagers did not know what to make of him. He stopped in front of the pub and spoke.

“Does anyone have a spare copper kettle I could borrow?”



As a boy, he dreamed of one day taking the pitch for his favorite club. He worked hard while his schoolmates played. Nothing else would satisfy him.

The day had finally arrived. He had earned the #golden ticket.



The little boy ran to his father, screaming.

“Beyond the mountain. #Treasure beyond our wildest dreams! I know it is there!”

“Son, the rainbow disappears when you get there. I know. Look for treasure within yourself.”



The learned man has been envied throughout history. Women flock to his side, swooning in his presence. Known as a #cunning linguist, a master of many tongues…

(h/t Deep Purple, “Knocking at Your Back Door”)



“I am sick and tired of hearing all of your #lies!!”

The young boy stood before his father, head bowed. He managed to whisper out a defense.

“But the wolves were here last night…Or maybe it was a coyote…”



“I have HAD IT!! I can’t wait to get my hands on that #infernal wabbit!!”

Well, Elmer, if you do, we lose out on many more years of lucrative cartoons. So you just keep chasing him…



The team worked long into the nights prior to the new software #release. Their efforts were in vain, however, as the Code Red virus swept the world and delayed everything.

“Good,” the manager said. “Now we have some time to get it right.”

*Based on a true story



“I accuse you of heresy on four counts: heresy by thought, heresy by word, heresy by deed, heresy by action, and heresy by #nature – five counts!”

The assistant director turned to the stage hand and whispered, “This sketch is never going to end.”



I wait at the window for hours.

My toys are strewn across the floor.

Innocence #misplaced.



We embark on life’s #voyage full of energy and dreams. Anything is possible.

As life unfolds, there are boundaries based on choices. For a while.

The fortunate learn to remove the boundaries as the story approaches the end.



The world is against me. Day after day I am pummeled by circumstance. There is nothing I can do.

You can always do something about it, should you agree to pay the price. The #change is within you.



The phrase is always lyrical, but this year it is literal.

This is the #winter of our discontent.



Most do not reflect on the magical miracle of their birth into this world. Their lives are torment and struggle because of this.

#Radiant beings are we – the otters of the universe.



She was radiant. Perfect hair, beautiful makeup, her dress a brilliant #vermillion. She will be the belle of the ball.

Now, if only her date wasn’t a serial killer…



The climb was arduous, exhausting every bit of energy he had. The reward was amazing, showing him a #rare vista over the mountain range.

Sitting on an outcropping, he wondered if God was real.



The tree is resplendent in shiny lights and baubles. However, there is one #ornament that is always saved for last.

The celebration of their marriage year, fifty years ago. They hung it together and smiled broadly to warm applause.



“The levee has #overflowed! Run for your lives!!”

There will always be a few who ignore the warning, convinced that someone is lying to them. Someone has to make up the statistics.



This year has been called “the #worst in recent history.” Yes, it has been a struggle. And, “recent” means different things to different people.

Some of us remember 1968.



She descended the stairs in all her #splendor. The star of the evening.

When she reached the bottom, she evaporated. The spell took its full effect – first the attention, then the payment of her soul. She felt it was a fair price.



“I wish to attend a festival in five year’s time. It is my life’s purpose.”

“That is not such a great thing to #aspire to, master.”

“But it is ambition, nonetheless. Who among us is without flaw?”

(h/t “Kung Fu”)



The #poetess sat in the corner of the busy bistro, scribbling into her notebook. The regulars left her alone to her work as she regularly regaled them with her magic.

The traveler sat in a chair beside her.

“Do you write?”

Not the best pickup line…



Their relationship had been though so much over the years. The elation of marriage, the pain of divorce, the realization that they were meant for each other.

They held hands and looked forward to nurturing their love #anew.