“If I do the #math, we should arrive at around 6:30 this evening.”

“Ooh, that’s nice,” she said. “Just in time for a drink before dinner.”

They will need a drink, alright…



“ATLANTA 666 requesting vectors for final approach…”

What’s in an aircraft callsign flight #number?

Quite a bit, if the pilot is also the singer for the band…



“I always hated #calculus. It made my head hurt.”

“It seems like you have another, making your kidneys hurt. It will need to be removed.”

Never complain to a urologist.



The parade moved down the street, with marching bands and floats from the local college.

“Look at this one,” Gary said. The markings on the float ended in an #epsilon. “I wonder how many of the guys know that their letters are an acronym meaning, ‘We Are Nothing?'”



They stared at the screen in wonder. Chris asked, “Do you think Kevin and Winnie lived happily ever after, even with all that happened?”

“I have a theory,” Nasim replied.

“Well, she has a #theorem.”

“Wow, I guess math doesn’t suck.”




They said it had to be done. They said it would save millions of lives, by instantly taking hundreds of thousands. One can see a perverse #logic to the argument.

I haven’t figured it out…





“The poet’s most important phrase.”

“Do you make a habit of adding extra letters to your words?”




“The distance is 300 miles, but the GPS says it will take us eight hours. Why?”

“It’s the #topology of the area – very mountainous. Winding two-lane roads means we have to go slow. That, and the bridge that’s out…”



The Renaissance man is hailed for his #manifold talents. Some ascend to mythic status. Most toil in obscurity, with people never believing that someone can be talented in so many areas.

If you find one, buy him a coffee…



“Look at the child, placing the #torus on the holder.”

“How can a child pick up a bull?”

“I see you missed that lecture on three-dimensional solids in math class.”



“I’m never going to be a scientist.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I can’t do animal classifications worth a whit. I always go sideways when I get to the #genus.”

“Yeah, that doesn’t look like a domestic cat.”



The sign on the truck said, “Department of #Vector Abatement.”

“Why are they here, Mommy?”




There’s a certain rich irony when a man in his seventies is celebrating a teenage wasteland.

Out here in the #fields…



You may have read about a man named Oedipus. He was in love with his mother, if the stories are true.

It was a very #complex #complex.



With foolish hope, I kid myself into believing that I can hang with the cool kids. But, it always ends up the same way, with them driving off to a party I’m not invited to.

The same chance I always have. #Zero.



It’s amusing to watch heads explode when an individualistic viewpoint is confronted with the ultimate rational socialist.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or the #one.”



The family gathered for their annual #group portrait. This year it was more somber than most.

Nana leaves a #hole that cannot be filled.

#vss365 #whistpr


Science fiction is such a freeing genre. You characters can undergo any kind of a strange #morphism and fit right into the story.

But they always end up looking like humans in the end…



After much study, he found that he accidentally introduced a #contravariant into the equation.



“Look, Mom! I can #commute my picking! It works the same either way!”

“That’s good, John,” she said as she rolled her eyes.

“I think he needs to choose between mathematics and guitar,” she thought to herself.



The #triangle at the center of the city was a favorite meeting place, and had seem its share of protests. The authorities believed that they could control the crowds if they cut off access to the area.

They were not students of history.



“Shouldn’t it be a percentage?” “No, an #integer makes more sense.” “You’re crazy!” “What will the users think?”

These are my dreams lately…



There are two ways to live your life where people are concerned. You can go for #quantity, living with superficial relationships, or you can go for quality, forging a few deep friendships.

#Quantity is fleeting, quality is lasting.

Online and in real life.



Every conversation I have with you is #existential in nature. Quite stimulating, but sometimes I just want to talk about the weather.



The #transitive property in action:

If I love the 49ers, and the 49ers love the Cowboys, then I love the Cowboys.

I think we need to examine that middle equation…



“If you #permute every situation, you will be ready for anything.”

“I don’t understand,” said the student. “Can you explain?”

“Keep your options open.”



After playing her third #set, Amelia #set her racket on the chair. Catching her breath, she #set off for the clubhouse.

She met up with her #set of friends inside. They #set about recounting their days’ recreation as the sun #set in the West.

I’ve run out of #sets.



By any #metric, our lives today are more comfortable, more productive than any time in history.

Except to those who mislead to gather more power.



Your mission today: turn a #negative into a positive. Choose one aspect of your life and create concrete steps to improve.

Do this every day, and see how your life changes. Step by step.



In data management, we long for #finity in available choices for attribute data. It tends to make the data more valuable.

Since there is no such thing for the hashtag, how valuable are they?

This one is…



“Whatcha readin’, brah?”

“#Fractal Geometry. New class.”

“Never heard of it – what’s that?”

“Think of a cloud. No two clouds are the same, but every one is perfect.”

“My brain hurts.”