This is a partial month of entries because I started doing this as a daily exercise on August 20.


“That song rocks! What’s it called?”
“‘#Forever.’ The band is called Kamelot.”
“What’s it about?”
“A man wants to die so he can meet his departed lover in heaven.”
“Doesn’t that kinda make him dead already?”
I hate talking to pragmatists…



Your presence exists
#Somewhere in the ether
Though it is just
A memory to me now
I hear your voice call out
In pain and longing
For your white knight
To come to your rescue
My torch…is missing…



My everyday consists
Of a #million things to do
But nothing is as important 
As the time I spend with you



Another night
Facing away from each other
Who is to say
If our #fragile bonds
Can withstand another assault
Of ignorance and accusation 



The highway patrolman approached the #tangled pile of metal in the left lane. The hulk smoldered from a recently extinguished fire.

There was no sign of human life in the wreckage. The officer reached for his radio when…

WHAM! Another one fell from the sky nearby!



My latest subject arrives for his daily session to #confess his sins. He has already been secured to his chair as I enter the room.

“What is on the list today?” I ask.

“Parking, whipped cream and marmosets.”

Just another day…



Our tired eyes see the #skyline of the city rising from the horizon. We know that our day’s journey is near its end.

The lanes in the other direction are choked with cars. Maybe it’s better not to go home tonight.



“Why won’t the window #shatter? I’m hitting it really hard!”

Her husband frantically tried to push the door open as the flood waters rose around their car. He became exasperated, adding to his panic.

“That’s Tommy’s rubber mallet!”



Tyger, tyger, burning #bright,
In the forests of the night;
Or the alleys of the town,
Best the rest to earn your crown.

The suburban house cat stares out of the window
Her mind is filled with fantasies
Of a life far away
Where she rules the forests of the night.



I saw him that day, like every day, sipping a latté at the corner bistro, writing in a journal. I felt brave, so I walked up behind and tapped his shoulder. I found out he was a she.

She said, “Hey, babe – take a walk on the #wild side.”

It’s not just a song.



My normal day
Was rudely interrupted 
By a red Ferrari cabriolet 
That appeared from nowhere
On my #blindside

A near-naked woman
Filming a commercial.

The vision remains.



The sign dominates the front of the building.
“Safe #Haven for Misfits”

Val has always fancied herself a misfit, so she enters the building eagerly, hoping for relief from her tormentors.

She quickly finds that she is a misfit to this group of misfits.