Ken held the spiny crustacean up for examination. Its feelers were still moving even though it had been in the boiling water for several minutes. His face betrayed his hesitation.

“Don’t worry, man. Tastes like #chicken.”



The boy would not stop screaming. Finally, his father grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and dragged him to his bedroom, #kicking all the way.

“I don’t think we should play Monopoly anymore, until he gets older,” the father said.



The crowd grew restless. They wanted boot-stomping country, but the band only knew #rock songs.

“No problem. These are just requests. Regular set. ‘Gimme Some Lovin’!”

The beer bottles flew.



The family traversed the lonely road toward the #orange sky of sunset. The dying light cast a wonderful appearance on the mesas as they drove on.

Songs came up from the kids as they knew they were rapidly approaching their warm beds at home.



The songs are fresh and new, with many #classic elements to seem familiar to their listeners.

The haters call, “Ripoff!”

It didn’t work in 1988. It worked in 2018. No one knows why.



Tom pulled another cloth diaper from the hamper. His obsession is almost complete, at least for another week.

The brilliance of the metallic paint was only matched by the gleaming #chrome accessories. Every inch was perfectly polished.

And then he plugged in…



Bobby and Jim watched the construction in awe. “I wonder what they’re building?” asked Bobby.

“Go ask the operator of the #crane.”

Bobby tapped the man on the shoulder and asked the question. He recoiled in horror as his long-dead grandfather simply smiled.



April 7, 2020 – The first day that neither of my writing prompt responses got a single “like.”

It looks like I’ll never be part of the #club.



The message came across the #telegraph. “Titanic – CQD – sinking by the head.”

The operator on the Carpathia could not believe it. He summoned the captain.

“What do I tell them?” he cried.

“Just say, ‘We’re on our way.'”

The Carpathia was four hours away.



I hear the cries of those who feel imprisoned, distant socially. I merely laugh to myself.

These are the emotions I feel every day, where #isolation is a way of life.



We sit alone or in small groups, hoping to stay healthy and sane. What can save us from this externally imposed hell?

Puppies to the #rescue!





Monumental events can present a fork in the #road for mankind. The question is: will we collectively take the smarter path?

If history is a guide, the answer is obvious.



I am a warrior. I can handle anything this cruel world throws at me.

Until today.

As I run to the #shelter of your arms, I thank the maker that I found you. My safe harbor.



Santa was interrupted by Esla and Caleb that snowy evening. He was so surprised that he jerked his bag up, and two elves went #tumbling out of his sack.

The elves didn’t know what to say. Santa glared at them, then shrugged his shoulders.

“Stowaways,” he said.



No explorer would dare tackle the enormity of the #desolation of my soul. I am left to determine meaning alone.

I do it because I must know.



Millions #arrested for a crime they did not commit. Sentenced to isolation in small groups. Duration of sentence indeterminate.

The redefinition of “society” evolves before our eyes.





They traversed the #street, looking for a place to park. The only free space had a #blue curb. Not knowing the significance, they parked and went inside.

They returned to a crowd of angry people in wheelchairs as their car was being towed. It was an expensive lesson.



When life gets you down…stark in black and white…remember what you learned in Art class…

“Use your sponge and #dab a little color around the edges.”



The rescue workers ran to the house that had been ripped from its foundation. Two legs with #ruby slippers could be seen coming out from underneath.

A faint voice could be heard…

“I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog, too!!”



When I was sixteen, I spent the summer in the mountains helping my sister remodel her house. There were zero modern conveniences for six weeks.

We spent every evening huddled around the #radio listening to serials. I’ve never been so alive before or since.



The analysts studied the data carefully. One spotted a cluster of instances outside the expected. He argued to rework their model.

The other analyst demurred. “Not so much an #oddity, but an outlier.”

“Where did you go to school?” asked the first. “Hogwarts?”



“Reopen! Spend! Return to normal!”

The loudest voices come from the most fearful, who have no real reason to fear.

Oblivious to the #damage already done, and what could be to come.



“It’s April – no need for #mittens,” Father said.

“I like how they feel on my hands,” the child replied.

“Plus, they keep people from staring.”



Alan and his son roughhoused as the normally did on the living room rug. Little Sammy reared back and socked his father flush on the jaw. Alan sold the punch for all it was worth.

“The winner, and NEW #heavyweight champion…!” yelled the victorious son.



Land acquisition no longer mattered. The ratio was the thing. Leaders were successful when the ratios were high.

When #killing became a mathematical process, the society lost every shred of its humanity.



The martyr attracted huge crowds with his rhetoric. When he immolated himself, the crowd gasped. After a while, there was nothing left but smoking ashes, and the crowd moved on to other diversions.

No one attended the #resurrection.



“Your playing seems so effortless, and just what the music needs,” the fawning young lady said.

“Thank you,” said the bassist. He was just happy to be noticed. “I’m a bass player, not the third-best #guitar player of our band.”

The beginning of a beautiful friendship.



The bass is boomin’…”It’s #alcoholiday, another freakin’ dollah day…”

“Alright, who passed the new word to him?”

“I’m amazed he didn’t think of it until now.”