Round 1 – Alone / Together

They walked down the beach hand in hand, blankly staring at the waves. Not a word was shared. Going through the motions.

Alone, yet together…

#SlamWords #Ed43 #Round1

Round 2 – Fills In / Lessens the Void

Jessica fills in the time with tweeting and poetry. Tim with fantasy sports. They kid themselves that these activities lessen the void in the middle of the room.

#SlamWords #Ed43 #Round2

Round 3 – Fidelity

The headlines scream, “Investment Company Executive Caught in Prostitution Sting”

Only slightly ironic that his company name contains the word “Fidelity.” Maybe it’s those guys who we should check first.

#SlamWords #Ed43 #Round3

Round 4 – Veins

I have always been fascinated by bodybuilders. The dedication required to create such forms is impressive. Living pieces of art.

Only one thing bothers me – does it seem like their veins are trying to escape?

#SlamWords #Ed43 #Round4

Round 5 – Wrap / Tie up

Tie up loose ends.

It’s a wrap.

The concept of completeness illustrated by these clichés implies that everything is neat and tidy.

Most things are never complete. They are abandoned.

#SlamWords #Ed43 #Round5

Round 6 – Hellbent / Clasp

“How could you do this, knowing that he is hellbent on causing as much destruction as possible?”


In moments, the villain collapsed. The sheriff smiled.

“You see, my firm hand clasp placed a poisoned needle in his palm. Problem solved.”

#SlamWords #Ed43 #Round6

Round 7 – Room for more

It was just another night at the restaurant for Mr. Creosote. No matter how many plates they brought, there was always room for more.

Finally, he was done. Or so he thought.

“They’re merely wafer-thin…”

#SlamWords #Ed43 #Round7

Round 8 – All to myself/yourself

I know you’ve been talking to yourself all afternoon. Trying to get these people out of your shop. Counting the hours.

You arrive home to find me prone on the bed. I rise and take you in my arms.

Now I have you all to myself…

#SlamWords #Ed43 #Round8

Round 9 – From his/her lips

“You really shouldn’t have come tonight…”

She moved in close, the merest whisper coming from her lips.

“You live for this…”

#SlamWords #Ed43 #Round9

Round 10 – Resolution

“I can’t make out her face. Up the resolution.”

The PI twiddled a knob on his camera.

“There! I knew it was her!”

“Yeah? Looks like she’s calling a taxi.”

“Nah. She’s always thought she was Evita…”

#SlamWords #Ed43 #Round10

Encore Round 1 – Take my hand

The authorities were closing in. The only way out was over the balcony. She was hesitant.

“Take my hand. Do you trust me?”

Famous last words.

#SlamWords #Ed43 #EncoreRnd1

Encore Round 2 – twining fingers / twirling tendrils

They embraced as only new lovers could. As their passion rose, twirling tendrils emerged from her back, encircling his head.

He pulled back, astonished. She smiled and winked – this was just how she was.

Astonishment turned to resignation.

#SlamWords #Ed43 #EncoreRnd2

Encore Round 3 – inner warmth

A stoic often leads a solitary life. People are afraid to approach the chiseled façade in fear of being dismissed or insulted.

It is the lucky soul indeed who can see past all that and reveal the inner warmth present in many souls such as this.

#SlamWords #Ed43 #EncoreRnd3

Encore Round 4 – come back

It was over – he knew it was. They could not see eye to eye on anything any more. He wallowed in his loneliness.

He returned from work one night to find her on his couch. “Why did you come back?”

“No one out there makes me laugh.”

#SlamWords #Ed43 #EncoreRnd4

Encore Round 5 – home

The travel is long and hard. The roads are bad. The crowds oppressive.

I round the corner and see a familiar sight. The room is warm, the fire bright. A sherry waits next to my loving wife.

I know I am home.

#SlamWords #Ed43 #EncoreRnd5

Encore Round 6 – restraint

The mayor smiled as the heckler was led away.

“You showed admirable restraint there, sir. Most men would be on their way to jail in handcuffs.”

“I have a public persona to think of, Tom.”

Besides, the handcuffs were for later, with his mistress.

#SlamWords #Ed43 #EncoreRnd6

Encore Round 7 – confidence

The interns soaked up the chairman’s advice like a sponge.

“The key to success is to always project an air of confidence, no matter what the situation.”

One asked, “What if you’re found out?”

The chairman smiled. “Have a good lawyer on retainer.”

#SlamWords #Ed43 #EncoreRnd7

Encore Round 8 – Spring’s touch

The winter has been interminable. Chaos and disease run rampant.

She sits at the window, looking over the barren landscape, longing for Spring’s touch to bring the fields back to life.

#SlamWords #Ed43 #EncoreRnd8

Encore Round 9 – Surrender to your heart

The rational mind can only take you so far. Eventually, your life feels empty, and you must surrender to your heart to find what is missing.

My goal has always been the heart and mind united in a single, perfect sphere.

#SlamWords #Ed43 #EncoreRnd9

Encore Round 10 – A new beginning

The ending was traumatic. The result empty. The only thing left to hope for is a new beginning.

Too bad you can’t buy one at a store.

#SlamWords #Ed43 #EncoreRnd10