Round 1 – Waning winter moon / Night’s chill kiss

Out on the moors, the lone figure longed for home. The night’s chill kiss brushed her cheek like a forlorn lover.

She whispered a wish to the waning winter moon – “I hope you are waiting…”

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Round 2 – Seeking warmth / Breath stealing

Her every breath steals a little more life from her target. She wraps her lips around his mouth so tightly that he can barely stand it, but he cannot turn away.

But this night is not the usual attack from the succubus – she is merely seeking warmth.

#SlamWords #Ed42 #Round2

Round 3 – Cracked ice / Glazed eyes

Cracked ice in the goblet welcomes the spirits for the evening. He watches as she imbibes with abandon.

Her glazed eyes show that she is almost ready…

For a taxi…

#SlamWords #Ed42 #Round3

Round 4 – Just one wish / Chance and circumstance

If I could have just one wish…to have the cosmic change and circumstance to travel back to 1980 and my first show…

#SlamWords #Ed42 #Round4

Round 5 – In the shadow of the pines / Whistling wind

The sturdy log cabin has stood tall in the shadow of the pines for eighty years. The whistling wind of winter has never threatened it.

Someone should have told Godzilla…

#SlamWords #Ed42 #Round5

Round 6 – Tangled ribbons / Twisted tinsel

The family searched for meaning among the tangled ribbons and twisted tinsel of their ravaged Christmas tree. But there was none.

They looked around their neighborhood and saw that the freak tornado had spared no one, but it was of no solace.

#SlamWords #Ed42 #Round6

Round 7 – A little twinkle / A heap of stars

The producers trudged through another seemingly endless audition. Finally, a little twinkle was detected in a fourteen-year-old girl.

In six months’ time, she was worth a whole heap of stars…

#SlamWords #Ed42 #Round7

Round 8 – The gift of time / A little closer to home

The team was hurtling toward a Christmas deadline. The project manager, who was also a coding talent, discharged the team on the 23rd, giving them the gift of time, and pushing them all a little closer to home.

The PM stayed behind and deployed.

#SlamWords #Ed42 #Round8

Round 9 – Flickering embers / Drifting quietly

They stared at the flickering embers of the campfire. No one wanted this evening to end.

One by one they excused themselves to their tents, until the entire group, save two, were drifting quietly to sleep. For them, there would be no sleep tonight.

#SlamWords #Ed42 #Round9

Round 10 – Strung across the distance / A closer connection

It has been 150 years since cables were strung across the distance of the Atlantic Ocean to provide a closer connection between America and Europe. Then, messages were telegraphs. Now, communication is nearly instantaneous.

How close is too close?

#SlamWords #Ed42 #Round10

Encore Round 1 – Sun-blinded / Pristine fields of snow

Finally! After a week of blizzard, we can finally take the snowmobile out onto the pristine fields of snow.

It’s hard to enjoy the scene when you’re sun-blinded – at least we missed the more obvious obstacles…

#SlamWords #Ed42Encore #Round1

Encore Round 2 – Spun glass / Delicate sparkle

Every year the children add a special ornament to the tree, delivering the delicate sparkle of objects of spun glass.

This year’s addition has a black streak in it. Their father is no longer there to help decorate…

#SlamWords #Ed42Encore #Round2

Encore Round 3 – Holly & ivy entwined / Mistletoe crown

This year, I decided to go all natural with my decorations. I allowed holly and ivy to entwine themselves in wreaths.

The women who visited all gave me kisses under the wreaths. I’m not complaining…but why?

“They’re mistletoe crowns, silly!”

#SlamWords #Ed42Encore #Round3

Encore Round 4 – Ornaments as ammo / Volleys of music

Sammy collects all of the ornaments and uses them as ammo. Clarise hides behind the organ and fires volleys of music across the room.

Look at what these Fortnite people have started…

#SlamWords #Ed42Encore #Round4

Encore Round 5 – Lone snowman standing sentinel

The scene is eerily silent, betraying the carnage that had just taken place inside. The marauders were surgical, killing the dwellers but not damaging the house.

The lone snowman stands sentinel even though he has nothing left to protect.

#SlamWords #Ed42Encore #Round5

Encore Round 6 – Little angel / Hanging memories

It’s been twenty years. She has been roaming the world making her fortune, with only time for the occasional phone call. But there she is, our little angel, hanging memories on the tree for us.

She still looks like our eight-year-old daughter…

#SlamWords #Ed42Encore #Round6

Encore Round 7 – No two alike / Silver spangles

They say that with all of the variation of yarn and silver spangles in the word, there are no two alike.

Thank goodness for that.

#SlamWords #Ed42Encore #Round7

Encore Round 8 – Hot & fragrant / Sipping slowly

They sat at the small table, enjoying a hot and fragrant concoction on that cold winter’s night.

The flavor was disguised well. Even though she was sipping slowly, she had enough to fall under his spell.

#SlamWords #Ed42Encore #Round8

Encore Round 9 – Midnight star / Through the dark

The midnight star pierces through the dark winter night, leading the wise men to their destination.

They had no idea that they would find this there…

#SlamWords #Ed42Encore #Round9

Encore Round 10 – ‘Tis the season / In the spirit of

I have found that the easiest out for borderline rude behavior this time of year is to use the phrase “‘Tis the season!” In the spirit of consistency, the season does not excuse you being an a-hole.

Was that rude?

#SlamWords #Ed42Encore #Round10