They met for coffee after work Thursday.

“You’re always reading! What could possibly be so interesting?!?”

Carol peered at Tim over her glasses. “#Smut,” she said simply.

Tim stopped, thinking about how randy Carol had been in bed lately.

“Carry on.”



“If you think that tying me up will make me fuck you, you’ve got another thing coming!”

Her defiance amused him. He pulled on the #rope to tighten it, spreading her legs farther apart.

She was in no position to make demands.



“I wonder what it takes to get in her shorts?”

He spoke louder than he should have.

“Two scotch and #sodas,” she whispered in his ear.

He ran to the bar. The drinks were expensive.

Her oral technique in the back seat showed that she was worth every penny.



Lay the pipe

Grab the #neck


Loving pain

Climb the mountain

Explode the summit




He attacks her #juicy mound like an animal dying of thirst. Her moans fill the room with ecstasy. She is a fountain. He cannot get enough.

Friday night at home. Every Friday night. Fifteen years now.

Friday night.



Paul doesn’t have much luck at the club, but every once in a while…

“Hey baby, you want to tickle my #pickle?”

The playful redhead replied, “Only if you gnash on my gash!”

It was a good night indeed…



She had not felt this way in months. Her loins ached with the memory of her latest’s cock pounding her into submission.

Was it love, or just longing?

“I want to try it without the #wine this time…”



I finally got the nerve to ask her after several weeks of flirting at the café.

“Give me an idea of who you are on a scale of one – sweet – to ten – #nasty…”

She leaned in close and smiled. “Fifteen.”

We left our drinks on the table.



“There is a word on the tip of my tongue…”

She spread wide to reveal the bare junction of her legs. “Maybe if you help me with this, it will come to you.”




His lips met hers in the driving rain. She tasted his lust and probed him hungrily. His searching hands elicited a #moan.

The hillside gave way. They slid down the slope, entangled and oblivious.

They awoke in each other’s arms and laughed.



Their eyes met at the bar. They sealed their desire on the dance floor. He took her to his room upstairs.

“But the bed is #broken,” she protested.

“There’s nothing we can do to make it worse,” he said, leering…



Stanley took his time with the blindfolded Elena, teasing her naked body with feathers, a riding crop, and finally his hands and tongue. When his oral caress reached her heat, her body went rigid. The energy shot through her body and out of her #toes. The cat jumped.



He could never find a woman who he could actually fuck like a normal man. The plight of the man with the 14″ cock.

Angel was up to the challenge. He fucked her in a fierce and #robust manner, splitting her wide open.

When he was done, he smiled. Angel wins.



Sweet or salty, it is no matter. Bountiful lips tease her treat to attention. Luscious tongue draws out the essence.

She revels in the #lollipop with the cream-filled center.



She wrapped her #slimy tentacles around both legs. Qwan had never felt such a sensation, but it inflamed his passions all the same.

They collapsed on the floor, exploring each orifice. Oblivious to the scene they were making.

Laliari ate Quan up. Literally.



Her #delicate and ladylike manner hid an insatiable temptress. Her quarry tonight: twins with rock-hard abs and huge cocks. She screamed as they impaled her in both of her greedy holes.

The twins lay on the bed, spent. She still had time for more tonight.



She was like most #librarians, prim and proper, in authority. I stayed late because I knew the truth.

She loosed her passion among the stacks on a nightly basis. We were careful not to soil the manuscripts with our juices.

Somewhere, D. H. Lawrence approved.



She had heard all the stories. The man with the #tree trunk in his shorts.

Friday, she found the stories were true. Her labia stretched beyond limits, she rode him to climax. And then, she did it again.

She was planning a couple of days off of work anyway.



The ball drops to usher in a #new year. Hunter looks at his bride with ardor. “What is your resolution, Tammy?”

“The same as last year, babe,” she replied. “I’m gonna fuck you silly every night.”

They kissed and adjourned to the bedroom to get an early start.