He sat back in the chair
Admiring the #smooth curves of her hips
She sidled over to him, unsure of herself
And hiked up her skirt to straddle him
The doubt left her immediately
As nature took its course



“Oh, Sonny! Yes! Yes! Yes!!” Rhonda screamed in climax. He recoiled in horror.

“My #name is Curtis!” he cried.

“I’m sorry, babe,” Rhonda explained. “I was fantasizing that I was your mother.”

It was their last time together.



“Why can’t I get just one fuck?
Why can’t I get just one fuck?
I guess it’s got something to do with #luck
But I waited my whole life for just one….”

“Will you PLEASE stop singing The Violent Femmes and get over here and fuck me?!?” she cried.



They eagerly awaited
Their nightly session
Between the #satin sheets
Exploring their sinewy bodies
Slaking their common thirst
Making each other complete



She laid next to him, well laid and spent. Visions of a bright future danced in her head as she drifted off to sleep.

He rose and dressed quietly. As he left, he took out his little black #book and put a star next to her name. He would return…



The world is so much more exciting
When #legs are your gateway drug
Your fix is all around you…



All of the nights of debauchery
Submitting to his will
Her body aflame
With passions fresh and new
The foundation of a lifetime
It all started with a #kiss…



Lady Partridge settled back in her chair, smiling. She knew everyone thought of sex in her profane way but dared not utter it in polite company.

“You’re such an #elegant savage, m’lady,” The Duke said, kissing her hand.

“You have no idea, but you will tonight.”



She glared at her tormentor in despair, her hair a #tangled mess.

“Why do I keep coming back to you?”

“I give you what you most desire – lechery and disorder.”

She couldn’t argue with him.



He bathes in her #sultry stare from across the room. He can feel it. It is always the same.

He moves across the room and soon claims the love of his life. They make love until the morning.

He will live another life tomorrow night.



When you are bound in heavy shackles
Submitting to my devilish desire
The one thing you cannot abide
Is the stimulation of a #feather

The irony is not lost



I long for your smile
Your #touch
Your grope

I long for your power
Your stoke
Your thickness

Every night
I long



She came home to an empty apartment, like she did every night. She ate in silence. She prepared for bed habitually.

But she was not sad. She reached into her drawer and placed her #enchanted toy on the bed. It was another night of rapture as it worked its magic.



She showers him with #sweet kisses, grateful that he has returned safely. She has lit a candle each night in the absence of his touch.

Their lust is assuaged tonight.



Alan and Sasha collapsed in a heap on the bed. They both looked down at her heat. Tonight, it was aptly named – they could see the #steam rising in the moonlight.



They both know that they must slow down to prevent the inevitable. Passion #burns bright, but is fleeting, they are told.

The rational mind has no chance as they consume each other in their fire.



He takes the #candle from the nightstand and holds it over her body. “It will only hurt for a moment,” he whispers.

She winces in anticipation of the pain she longs for. The pain that validates her devotion. The pain that makes her whole.




She traverses the catwalk, oblivious to the #lustful stares. Her heart belongs to one only.

The crowds have gone. Her loins are aflame as she surrenders to her passion. The hall echoes with ecstasy as the warm glass takes her to paradise.



The ice follows its nature, #melting as it is drawn across warm skin. When it reaches the mountain top, the cherry stands at attention.

She is almost ready.



She offers her tender #blossom
Forever his
Bathed in the moonlight of a summer’s night
Bodies entwined in teenage ecstasy
Have no thoughts of tomorrow



Her hips move in a slow steady #rhythm as the assembled few ogle in the dark. Their fantasy, her pretense.

It is night thirty-eight of a forty-night tour. She returns home in two days to unleash her stored passion. He is ready…

…or so he thinks…



Years of effort have paid off. Their spirits entwined, they have finally struck the #balance needed to fulfill their needs and create something larger than themselves. Time has become meaningless.

Three of a perfect pair.



“Do these jeans make me look fat?”

Ah, yes, the test question of a new relationship. Barry had been asked this before, and always failed.

He slid the jeans around her #plump hips and demonstrated his answer. She never asked again.



Her cheeks #blushing, she gasps for breath. He senses her desire and presses harder.


They explode in euphoria, cheating their demise one more time. Nothing else to live for but each other.

The dangerous game they play.



She was everything he expected, and more. Most men feared her, but he weathered her fury to capture her rose. Despite their lassitude, she moved to his nether regions to sample him again.

He savored the prospect of more #stormy nights ahead.



Climb the mountain with me. Savor the sensation as you surrender to me. Revel in our moment of #bliss as we become one.

No man is as fortunate as I am, exploring the high country with you.



He can prove his love to her no further. She opens herself fully to him. Juices flow, passions grow as two become one.

Safe in her lover’s arms; a contented smile as she #drifts off to sleep.



“Why are you pulling away?” Liam pleaded.

Noelle unwrapped her naked body from him and grabbed a book from the shelf. “This gets me hotter than anything! Lie back and listen!”

Liam sighed. Noelle read by candlelight.

“I sing the body #electric…”



Finally they are alone. She attacks him with a #hunger seldom seen, ripping his clothes off and devouring him utterly.

When she is done, it is his turn, in this endless night.



My lover fulfills me completely. Every time I am with her, I feel as if I #float above the bed, weightless.

Everyone tells me that it won’t last. We will prove them wrong…



His cool demeanor melts in her heat. When they engage, steam streaks the windows.

#Fire and Ice.



She glared at him with contempt and lust, hands bound. She would pay any price for his thickness.

Wax dripped from the #candle onto her torso. The pain only intensified her desire.

He released her, then released inside of her. Another chapter in their book of sin.



It only takes one glass of wine to stoke her #flame. Their bodies entwine throughout the steamy night. Only the morning light is strong enough to make them part.

He is grateful that she is a cheap date.


10/29 – 10/30

Their love was merely #embers by all appearances. All words spoken, all ideas exhausted.

It was the smallest #spark, a smile exchanged, that brought them together again. Their passion lit up the night, like days of old.

Never say never.



Hungry lips explore every inch. The intensity rises as inhibitions fall. Two become one.

Once more into the #inferno.