Their eyes meet across the crowded room. They know, instantly. Finally alone, their bodies entwine, breathlessly…sharing animal lust until the morning light.

And it is only the #beginning…



Tanya placed her small #suitcase on the nightstand and opened it. Tom sat up on the bed with a quizzical look.

“Lie back down and be quiet!” Tanya commanded. She removed fur-lined handcuffs and secured all four of Tom’s limbs to the bedposts.

“Happy Birthday to me!” Tanya exclaimed as she sized up her quarry.



The customers file out at closing time. Taryn steals away into the #vault, undetected. She strips and lays on a table.

Edward, the manager, walks in after closing, shutting the heavy door. Taryn engages in her nightly performance, keeping her job for another day.



Life has kept us apart for many moons, but the #miles between us mean nothing. I see your face every night on my screen, which keeps us connected.

There you go…a little to the left…keep rubbing…faster…

Off to the bathroom for another tissue…



She has always been a #magnet for the wrong kind of guy. Bobby broke the string.

His care is rewarded by soft lips and pulsating hips, night after night. She knows what she has now, and she knows that her body can keep him.



The room is black. After a moment, fuzzy shapes come into my field of #vision. After several more moments, I see him next to me.

I used to get scared when he fucked me so hard that I lost my sight. It always comes back. Now, I look forward to it.



“Your protests leave me #cold,” the mistress snarled. “You will obey. It will be worth it.”

All but one left. Curt sank to his knees. “Command me, mistress.”

She revealed a sly smile as she chose her first instrument and approached him. Heaven awaits.



A quick cup of coffee led to so much more. Clothes strewn across the floor. Sheets will need to be washed.

Her phone #alarm sounded for the staff meeting. She stared at it in disbelief. The third time this week.

How could I have been so #thoughtless?

#Erotica280 #whistpr


She looks into his piercing blue eyes. There is no longer any need to #pretend. She melts into his arms, anticipating his penetrating love for the rest of the night…

For the rest of her life, if she has her way…and she always gets her way…



Finally, the #clouds have cleared. She finally can give herself freely to him. He accepts her gift with reverence, worshiping every inch of flesh. Their souls – and bodies – become one.

There are things worth waiting for.



Thompson entered the room, eyeing Lady Partridge on the bed.

“Where is my fiancĂ©?” she asked.

“I am here in his #absence. He instructed me to attend to you every need.”

She laid back and spread her legs, revealing all. “Proceed,” she said.



She did not remove her shoes when he rushed her into bed. A fit f passion. A shoe flies off. A #broken mirror.

They do not notice until after climax. She recoils in horror – seven years bad luck. They resolve to fuck the bad juju away for the rest of the night.



The bedroom looks like a #cavern, candlelight all around. The scent of roses, the sound of soft music. All is in readiness.

Don the blindfold. Leather and lace. Screams of rapture. Into the night.



She read the #dispatch from the prince, giggling. She adorned herself with the finest silks she could find.

The prince tore through her garments and ravaged her utterly. She needn’t have bothered: their love rose above mere appearances.

Not bad for a first date.



“And do you take this man, to the #exclusion of others…”

She smiled. “I do.”

Knowing full well the debauchery that would follow with her new husband, the best man, and all of the ushers after the reception.

A little thing like marriage wouldn’t change her.



He ran to her like a #fugitive from justice. She took him in quietly. He stood watch by the window.

She took her straps from the drawer and planned her fee for the favor. He turned and smiled, knowing how this game would end.



The stripper was determined to wipe the #grim countenance off of his face. She took his hand and led him to the VIP room.

She used every tool in her arsenal, both legal and illegal. Forty minutes later, he left with a wide smile. She laid on the couch, spent.



Tonight is all that matters. You caress his sinewy torso as his hot breath consumes you. Your surrender is complete as he unloads his seed in your waiting folds.

Come morning, his departure is stealth personified. You will never know the #history of the father of your child.



“I have no #impulse control when I am around you. All I want to do is violate…desecrate…penetrate…complicate…”

“I didn’t say no…”



“You are so beautiful. You could be with any man. Why me?”

“Because love is not #judgmental,” she said as she took his manhood between her lips.


01/21 – 01/25

Missed – medical issues


“That was incredible! It certainly doesn’t fit your #personality.”

“Just not what I show the world,” he said. “Give me ten minutes and I’ll show you again.”

Her loins glistened in anticipation.



“Another example of your #questionable taste in men,” she mewled. “Is this one rich?”

“No,” I replied quietly. “But he has enough cock for both of us.”

I could tell she was dreaming of being full for a change.



He slammed her against the bedroom wall, tasting her lips with hunger. All sense of #reason left her as she buried her tongue down his throat.

They moved to the bed. He buried himself deep, causing her to lose all sense of reality.

Just another Tuesday afternoon.



She glanced into his eyes, expecting some reaction. Her tender caress of his manhood with her lips and mouth was as effective as ever, but she never knew.

He looked at her with loving admiration. “#Superb” was all he said.

It was all that was needed.



The outline of her body was traced through the #transparent silk. I thought it was so much sexier than a naked body. It was all I could do to resist.

I tore through the fabric and ravaged her with a fury seldom seen. Every man has his limits.



They settled in the glade by moonlight, losing each other in passion. The world seemed to stop as their bodies joined in ecstasy.

The returned from love’s haze to see several trees #uprooted around them. Someone was bound to notice eventually.