She clutched the notice nervously as she approached the door, desperate to eradicate the #virus from her body. She would try anything.

“Fuck Away the #Virus,” the notice said.

She returned for weeks. No improvement. She didn’t care.



Their flesh enmeshed, two as one. Each giving the other the essence of their souls.

She finally arose to look out the frosted window. “Holy shit! It’s #winter! Weren’t we just at a Halloween party?!?”



Everyone else had gone to their homes. He lifted her onto the #Xerox machine and consummated their hidden passion for each other.

In their heat, they didn’t notice buttons being pressed. Images of their deed were distributed to the entire floor the next morning.



Your lips, your scent, the feel of your bodice, tracing the shape of your curves. Things I have taken for granted.

I am far away, but I #yearn for these daily. I promise myself I will cherish these in you when I return.



She laid out the sheets with the #zigzag pattern in anticipation of his arrival. She laid on the bed as he slipped into her bedroom. Skin on skin, passion rules the night.

He never notices the sheets.



He moved up her body, savoring the scent of #apple and cinnamon on her skin. She writhed in pleasure at his touch, soft and firm all at once. He moved all over her body, making a meal of her.

Breakfast of Champions…



Super sensitive tonight. His touch set my body ablaze. It was too much to stand. My back arched into a #bridge as he slathered my body in kisses.

His penetration caused instant climax. I rode the wave for what seemed like forever.

And then I woke up…



He grabbed her and bent her over the #chair, taking what he wanted with vigor. She cried in ecstasy as he rammed his staff into her again and again.

When he was finished, she turned to him. “Same time next week?”



Soft kisses on my neck. Strong hands caress every curve, every crevice. Gently ramping up the intensity until I cannot see straight. Back down a little, then back to the summit.

You make my world #disappear. And I will always love you for that.



Their lovemaking was epic, as always. His strength met her tenderness with fury and endurance. Afterward, she slept.

When she awoke, he was gone, but an #envelope was on the nightstand. It contained a key to his condo. This was their last hotel rendezvous…



He is all you have known. You submit your will to his desires completely. He takes you to unimaginable heights. Leather on soft skin, pain and desire at the same time.

You cry for your #freedom, knowing it’s an act. You would be lost without him.


02/12 – 02/15



“What are you doing?”

“My daily #Erotica280 prompt. The word today is #kink – it should be easy, but it’s not.”

She grabbed the riding crop from the dresser. “You tease me with this every night, and you’re having trouble using that word?”

“Bend over…”



My tongue slides down into the vortex of her legs, moving sensuously toward her flower. I did not expect a #laugh from her.

I looked up. “Stop, baby,” she said. “I’m incredibly ticklish down there.”

“Good to know,” I replied as I replaced my tongue with my staff.



I can feel the soft touch of her skin. I can hear her coos as I move my hands over her. I can sense her orgasm building in her.

And then that damn song comes on the radio…

“Only a #Memory”


02/19 – 2/20

Skipped – medical


“Hey, babe, why so down?”

“I can’t seem to figure out my #purpose in life.”

She sat beside him and loosened her blouse over her shoulder. “Well, I do know your #purpose here.”

Her breasts were soft and tender as always. There was no existential confusion.



His annual trip to the French #Quarter provided the expected joys – drink, dance, and exotic fun. This year, there was more – a rendezvous with a raven-haired, winsome beauty.

They shared each other for several evenings and did not give each other up for Lent.



Sample your lips. Savor your skin. Heighten your senses. Drive to the edge. Euphoria attained. Bathe in the glow.

No rinse.

Infinite #repeat.



I have waited all day to taste the #sweet nectar of your lips. Your body melts into me as we explore our secrets and revel in our passion.

They say love like ours is not meant to last. I start with my longing every day to keep that thought away.



Lying on the bed, naked. Candles all around.

Hands and feet bound to the four corners. Spread open.

Honey drips onto her heat. Before devouring her, he stops.

“Always with a #twist of lemon…”



They fought tooth and nail on the campaign trail, trading charges and insults daily. They met each night in a hidden location, #united in their passion. The vitriol of the day only fed their lust, exchanging wanton looks and bodily fluids.

The headlines…



#victorious (skipped)



She gasped for air after an insanely intense orgasm. Sweat rolled off of each of their brows. Her body trembled.

“What’s gotten into you tonight, #wild woman?!?” he asked.

She rose from the bed and glared back at him. “Because this is the last time.”



#x-ray (skipped)