His tremendous size caused her to #dissolve in his arms. Her very being disappeared as two became one. Their union climaxed in raucous release.

It was becoming more difficult each morning for her to rebuild for the corporate day ahead. Her resolve was fading fast.



She touches herself to prepare for sleep. He slips into her covers, ravaging her utterly. Orgasm after orgasm soaks her sheets.

And just like that, he #vanishes. Her eyes open wide – was this a dream?

She does need to sleep on the other side of the bed…



Bodies entwined, he drank from her fountain nightly. She was hopelessly devoted to him, giving her body whenever asked. It could not be more perfect.

When he woke up to an empty bed that morning, he knew it was only a #mirage.



A six hour flight, only a hour of service required. She beckons her suitor for tonight into the washroom, her loving lips and swiveling hips sealing his membership in the Mile High Club.

The sleeping passengers are #clueless as he returns to his seat with a sly smile.



“How could I have been so #careless?”

She wrapped her legs around him, pressing her lower lips to his growth. “Well, now that we’re joined forever, we might as well enjoy it.”

They celebrated her pregnancy all night, and well into the next day.



Joey bowed his head in #defeat. Struck out at a strip club.

Mandy saw this, walked over to him and took his hand, leading him to a VIP room. She showed him all of her wares for free.

Another successful night for Joey.



The mating dance was in full swing. He spied her from across the room, then engaged her. Sparks flew immediately.

She whispered in his ear, and soon they abandoned the party for some one-on-one.

One little #victory.



The anticipation is stifling. Her panties #twisted in a knot. She is mortified – he will not want me.

She caresses his cheek as he moves his hands to the promised land. His fingers glide to her wetness unhindered. And then she remembers…

She went commando…



He bends her over the hood of the car, grabbing a fistful of hair and pulling her head back as he thrust into her. This set her ablaze, cumming as he whispered how hot she was.

Eschewing her usual #distraction, Angel the tabby just observed the heat from afar.



She knew this guy was an asshole, so she had to take him down a notch. She reacted in mock #dismay when he revealed his equipment, which any woman would gladly accept.

Chastened, he dropped the Don Juan attitude and made love to her properly. Her pleasure betrayed her earlier act.



Every time I see her I react like I have been marooned on a #desert island. I ravage her with my desperation, kissing, licking and exploring every inch of her. She is the only woman on Earth.

I think this is why she keeps me around.



They move their tongues up the length of his shaft on either side. They meet at the head, swapping tender kisses. He throws his head back in ecstasy.

Twins. The ultimate #duplicate experience.



She pauses while unbuckling my pants. “I have a #superstition – I always start at the balls.” Continuing, she takes one, then the other into her mouth before sliding her tongue up to the head of my shaft.

I look to the heavens and sigh. Who am I to argue?



He sits at the bar alone, contemplating his sherry. She sidles up to him, seduction personified, and whispers in his ear.

“Care for a #tumble, luv?”

The stool is abandoned for a soft bed. The sherry remains alone at the bar.



“I’ve always thought of you as my snug #harbor. I always feel safe with you.”

She grabbed his rigid staff through his shorts. “Time for you to dock,” she said with a sly smile.



Every night the same thing. Every night we shake the walls as our bodies become one. Every night we collapse in sweaty bliss.

If we could store our passion in a #vessel, we would be millionaires.



Eyes blinded by silk. Arms and legs tied down. A cool breeze enters from the window. I can hear your breath. I can feel the tickle of the feather. Delicious agony. Why won’t you enter me?




He arrives for his evening with a dozen roses, as he always does. She finds any old #vase to house them. She has no interest in flowers – she only wants to surrender her flower to his bulging manhood. There is no delay.



The sizable package arrived in the mail today. She ripped the box to reveal a triangular #pillow which she threw on the bed.

She disrobed and bent her body over the new toy. She felt the breeze cool her newly exposed holes.

Her husband came in and filled them.



Pinning her arms above her head, he thrusts his tongue into her throat, stifling her moans. The books slide with every thrust into her willing hips. Her orgasm rises to the top of the stacks, fulfilling her wildest desire.

Alas, banished from another #library.



She led him into her bedroom and ravaged him. He couldn’t believe his luck. The scent of passion filled the air, with bodies melding into one. When she was done, his body lay pale and spent, his blood dripping from her fangs.

The stories this #house could tell.



Loins on fire. Lips tasting all of him. Taking him down deep in her throat. Taking him in until he couldn’t stand it anymore.

She moved to the easy chair and put on her sweater with the #letter S. She sat up proudly and proclaimed her identity.

“‘S’ – for ‘Slut!'”



Something is different about tonight. She has climbed the mountain of passion twice already, but he is ready for more.

She faces away from him on all fours, poking her ass in the air. She looks at him behind her with a lascivious grin.

“Your #choice.”



I felt terrible that I couldn’t get Jon anything for Christmas, being a broke student. I stood before him in shame.

“You have already given me the greatest #gift of all – yourself.”

I re-#gifted many more times that night.



Tom attended the Chrismas party, but everyone knew he shouldn’t – the shock of his wife’s passing was still fresh. Jill went over to him and they left together.

She couldn’t take away the pain, but her bosom was soft and welcoming. He would not be #lonely tonight.



He had waited for weeks to get her alone, and he knew tonight was the night. She showed her willingness on the dance floor, so they steeled away into the night.

His projectile was on #target, and she felt its repeated assault all night long.



She lowered her mouth slowly, taking my manhood fully. As the suction increased, I felt her fingernail scratching an area that never had been explored. She plunged; I screamed in ecstasy.

With that, she completed my #education. I was hers forever.



Legs in the air, #pillow under her butt. Her moans of pleasure fill the air. A subtle change in position means constant climax for her.

She can’t wait until John gets here tonight.



She has donned a skimpy negligee upon her #return to bed. Black is his favorite. His hands run up and down her body, caressing the silky fabric. Mouths hunger at aroused flesh.

He will need to buy her another one for tomorrow night.



“Despite all the temptations of the tour,” he said, “I #remain faithful to you.”

His words inspire trust as she takes him into her arms and welcomes him home. They made love like two people who hadn’t in months – true.

She doesn’t need to know about the tour bus.



She lies on the bed, writhing in anticipation. Her hands trace the outlines of her bustier, enhancing her already ample curves. The men surround the bed, stoking their members into action.

A smile is all it takes. She hears the #train a’cumming…