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Tough Times Don’t Last

I started a recent day with my Twitter feed seemingly in a collective cry of agony. One young lady wasn’t sure she still wanted to live – convinced she was a burden. Another mother felt lost because of a difficult diagnosis for her child. A third couldn’t celebrate her birthday because of the plight of

Writing When There Are No Sales

This one goes out to my writer peeps… Why do you write? Do you feel you have something that just has to be said? Are you all about book sales? Why even bother? Writing is another form of art, like painting, screenwriting, or music, among other artistic pursuits. There is a commercial aspect to it,

Could You Do It?

I was recently a party to a conversation on Twitter which included, “Barely a week goes by that I don’t think of faking my death and moving to some island…” I think that this idea is something that a lot of people – maybe even you – fantasize about when everyday life gets onerous –


How fragile is your mood when you are affected by Impostor Syndrome  The slightest thing can send you spiraling down  It’s like a predator watching your every move, waiting to pounce I found out about six months ago that there is a name for how I’ve felt nearly my entire life. That name is “Impostor