The haggard old witches stood over the cauldron concocting the latest #elixr to provide youth and vibrance.

“This has to be the one!” Hilda exclaims.

“It had better be – the last one turned everyone into hairy toads.”



“We can’t go out to dinner tonight. I look a #fright.”

“Honey, your scariest day is better than most women’s best day…”

She beamed, basking in her husband’s love…



Squinting at the tree, I can barely make it out. There it is! The Cheshire cat, staring at me with a #grin. Slowly his body disappears.

“You cannot behead me, for I have already done it for you!”

I could not argue, however strange…



The clamoring #horde fall over each other in their excitement and fervor. Societal norms fall by the wayside as only the fittest reach their goal.

It is only a six-hour sale. Time’s a-wastin’…



The goal is always the same – get as close to the spikes at the bottom without having them #impale you.

Let’s see how it goes today…



She looked haggard and worn. The weight of her life was heavy, as she would #juggle work, child care, and distance learning.

I always brought her dessert and a flower. I thought that if I could make her smile, the weight would be a little less.



The room was darkened, with the sound of the restless wind coming through the opened window. I approached the door warily.

Before I could turn the #knob…



The final act of the play was breathtaking. Every night, Aladdin would #levitate above the audience to thunderous applause. The theater-goers could not understand how he did it without any visible means of support.

He had none. He was born for the part.



The king cowered in his Red Room, looking out the window.

“There is no reasoning with this #mob.”

“Not every crowd is a #mob, sir,” the Viscount said. “They just want their voices heard.”

“You’re fired!”



The old crone was disturbed. “What are you doing in this #neck of the woods?”

“Nothing, ma’am,” the young man replied. “I’m looking for a little girl.”

“Scat! This is the Little Red Riding Hood Forest. You want the Goldilocks Forest, on the other side of the hill!!”



Her father sat and watched her friends dance to music he had never heard. It made sense – he had not listened to radio in many years.

It just made him feel #old.



The official finishes his remarks and introduces the happy couple. I watch them walk away to the applause of the assembled. My last daughter is now married. Her life has changed, and so has mine.

Turn the #page…



Ryan retuned to the desert to resume his #quixotic quest for energy independence. He heard that there were windmills there.



“It is with deepest #regret that I must inform you of the death of your brother,” the telegram read.

There were no tears shed. They had parted long ago with animus, the very definition of sibling rivalry.

“I hope the bastard suffered,” I said under my breath.



“At last, a meal to #salivate over!” The vampire licked his lips.

Three young girls, asleep next to each other, unaware of what fate has in store for them.

“That will be $12.78, sir.”



“Carry this with you. It is called a #talisman. Hold it when you need to be reminded of why you are here, and where you are going.”

“I will hold it when I think of you, my wise friend.”

The compliment was unnecessary, but he smiled nonetheless.



They approach Mom’s house in dread, facing another Thanksgiving dinner with their crazy #uncle. How will he embarrass himself this year?

He sits in the corner quietly, alone. He had died five months ago, but Mother could not bring herself to announce his passing.



The last several months have affected us all in ways large and small. One small way was in Chicago, where #vines grow on a brick wall. No one came to see them. No baseballs disappeared.

Did they miss us?



Did you ever notice…

Anyone who starts a piece of unsolicited advice with, “A word to the #wise…”

Assumes that you are not?



When someone builds themselves up by casting an #aura of invincibility, it’s fun to watch the flailing when the illusion is pierced.

Schadenfreude is alive and well.



His friends rarely saw Jim all dressed up for a date. They couldn’t help razzing him about it.

“C’mon, guys…”

One #break, coming up…



In these times of turmoil, how will we ever achieve #common ground?

It may require a change in perspective…



She couldn’t sleep. The recent rain produced an incessant #drip at the downspout just outside of her room.

Instead of obsessing over it, she used it as the rhythmic basis to her new Number 1 hit song.

She was adept at using the tools around her.



You may think that you are trapped in an #endless loop of misery.

That thought could not be further from reality.

Everything ends.



The ocean was angry. Large swaths of #foam crested the waves.

Was it wise to try to escape now?

Thar she blows…



“Mr. Mothersbaugh, what is your view of the origin of man?”

“God made man, but the monkey supplied the #glue.”



A #hush fell over the crowd. It felt like they would see something historic.

Jonathan raised his arm dramatically, then took a huge gulp from his water bottle. Soon, there was no water left. He put the bottle down and raised his fists triumphantly.

False alarm…



One of the first things that a football player learns is the difference between pain and #injury. Those who learn this early tend to land in the Hall of Fame.



The Agent sneered, “What good is a phone call if you’re unable…to…speak?”

The skin grew between his lips. He fought, but could not stop it. Ultimately, his #jaw would not move.

He knew he was not in Kansas anymore.



Fifteen hundred years ago we were sure that the earth was the center of the universe.

Five hundred years ago we knew the earth was flat.

Fifteen minutes ago we knew we were alone on this planet.

What will we #know tomorrow?



We never took #Gary anywhere. It wasn’t that we didn’t like him. It was that he was too damn slow…