Tammy picked up the shell, its #nacre shining in the bright sunlight. It was by far the most brilliant shell she had found that day.

Suddenly, she felt the sting of a claw on her foot. The resident of the shell demanded his home back.



The robbers buried their loot in the forest under a pile of leaves. It would be safe here – or so they thought.

The taller one heard a sound, spun around, and spied an #owl in a tree.

The #owl could not speak, but the robber knew that they would be caught.



The viscount’s eyes were as wide as saucers. “The peasants are storming the gates, sire! What shall we do?”

“‘Tis but a #piffle,” the Duke replied. “They will go once they know what is good for them.”

The Duke then spoke to the sergeant.

“You may fire when ready.”



The computer would not respond to the engineer’s commands. He had a bemused look on his face as he was handed the mouse and shown the keyboard. “Here, use these…”

“How #quaint…”



“Writing the way you do is a huge #risk.”

“You’re limiting your audience.”

“People will turn their backs.”

All of this is true. I must write what is in my heart and mind. Eyes open.



Comedy is a fickle beast. When it works, people feel good. When it is misunderstood, an awkward silence follows.

Grant me the #serenity to ride out the stillness, my master.



The tax collector waited while Lance fumbled through his papers. “I swear we held #title to this land,” he mumbled.

Finally, he found the document. The owner’s name was blank.

“How could this be?”

“No one ever owns anything here, but they do pay,” replied the taxman.



Popularity is always an #uphill climb, but this is ridiculous.

It’s a good thing I don’t do this to be popular.



“You will never want me now,” she whispered.

He pushed aside the bloody #veil to reveal the scars of the attack. He smiled.

“I want you more than ever now. Continue, vicar.”



The #wind spins the turbine. The water spins the wheel. The forces of nature never take a day off.

The wise throughout history have taken advantage of these to make life more comfortable. It is good that we are rediscovering these things.



I am treated like a possession. Every move, every thought controlled. Every need and want provided for, save one.

He does not understand why I sit at the window, crying. Caged hearts #yearn to be free.





No matter what I say, all I get in return is a #blank stare.

Are you deaf?

Do you understand me?

Or is it the worst possible scenario:

You are ignoring me.



Ken marveled at the amount of training required for the AWS certification.

“Isn’t the #cloud just a bunch of servers?”


“Then why is it different?”

“Are you the only person accessing it?”


“That’s why.”



The young couple took their shoes off and frolicked in the fields of #dandelion and clover. Not a care in the world.

Then, his phone buzzed with a text message.

He awoke with a start, regaining his bearings as the boss droned on about quarterly earnings.



The worst part about no longer being with you is that my mind cannot #erase the memory.

The best part about no longer being with you is that I’m still alive.



All of the contestants are limber and #fleet of foot. All of them have excelled throughout life. They meet to see who is the “best.”

Years of training and dedication decided in less than ten seconds.

One will win, but all are winners.





The exploration of the old mansion led to a #hive of #gramophones. Each of them had a record ready to play.

As Jason inspected one of them, they all began to play, like a symphony orchestra. The beautiful music distracted the explorers from the gas that claimed their lives.



Hercules looked at the #ichor on his forearm. He had been told that he was immortal once he had been restored, but this showed that he retained mortality, even to a small extent.

He smiled. This gave him balance between the two worlds. A huge advantage.



As he ambles down the lane, the smell of #jasmine crosses his path. Intrigued, he follows his nose…

Into an animated realm…



I walked into my #kitchen the other day to find that all of the refrigerated items were in the pantry, and all of the pantry items were in the refrigerator.

In the age of self-isolation, it all made perfect sense.



Here we have Heather, a study in opposites. Daylight and midnight. Sugar and spice. Leather and #lace.

She wouldn’t have it any other way.



The landscape at 40,000 feet shows how rivers flow on flat land…they #meander about, looking like shiny snakes in the sunlight.

I miss that visual…



She uncovered a beautiful plant that she had never seen while tending to the weeds in her garden. Her hand was stung as she removed it.

Right then, she determined to be just like that plant – beautiful on the outside, but with the sting of the #nettle.



Arriving for the dinner party, she was in awe of the #opulent grand hall of the mansion. The butler seated her at one end of the huge table. Her host took the seat at the other end. She soon realized that she was the only guest.

“Too #ostentatious?” asked the host.



We were taught from a young age to value asset acquitision above all. Wealth was the #panacea to all of our problems.

Now we know that wealth means nothing without the “lesser” people carrying out their functions. We have exposed the house of cards.



As the road grew narrower, he became convinced that he had made a wrong turn. Soon his Jeep was consumed in a #quagmire of mud and branches.

Over the next hill was his destination. His map was correct, but he never made it.



The leader plopped the loot sack on the table. When he took his mask off, his eyes were striped like a #raccoon. The rest of the gang erupted in laughter.

They changed their tune when the police arrived, and it was obvious who knocked over the bank.



How did they do it?

Sting brought the sex.

Summers set the atmosphere.

Copeland laid down the #syncopated rhythms.

No one had heard anything like it.