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Nothing to lose
Light the #fuse
Lap up her honey
Right on the money
Give her an inch
She doesn’t flinch
Slam to the hilt
No time for guilt
Take her on home
Her mind is blown



Chastity opened the #letter and read. A sly smile crossed her lips. She returned it to her purse.

“You look like the cat who ate the canary,” Janie said.

Chastity’s panties grew wet. She would be devouring her lover’s pole that night, tastier than any small bird.



She stands shamed in the headmaster’s office, listening to yet another speech about her attitude.

She lowers to her knees to reduce her #sentence. Luscious tongue working its magic again.

She wipes the residue from her lips, knowing she will return.



“What’s with the stupid hat?”

“I #celebrate every time I’m with you. Your lips. Your breasts. Your essence.” He grinned sheepishly.

She spread her legs in invitation. “Let the festivities begin!”



“One night with me, you’ll never want anyone else.”

“Every guy says that. What makes you so sure?”

He dropped his pants. She didn’t say another word.

And he made her #believe…



They made their way to the bedroom, but he didn’t turn a light on.

“If I #remember, you prefer candlelight.”

Her flower was his reward for his consideration.



“This could be my #chance,” he thought. He fidgeted in his chair waiting for his beloved.

They dined elegantly. While she powdered her nose, he slipped the ring into her champagne flute.

Her eyes sparkled brighter than the stars. There would be no sleep tonight.



Ruby lips Dangerous curves Tender embrace Heaven’s hors d’oeuvre

Impossible to #forget.



His girth pounds my loins again with Herculean force. I accept it even though I know I will have difficulty walking tomorrow.

I will #sacrifice everything to have him inside me, again and again. I am his, forever.



“Would you do me the #honour of staying the night?”

Connie laughed out loud. “You jackass!! Get ready to be done right!!”

She leaped like a cat as pretense flew out the window.



Brad arrived at the foot of the bed with Carrie’s breakfast.

“To #serve you is to love you,” he said.

Carrie patted the sheet next to her. “Over here, big boy…”

They skipped breakfast again. Lady the terrier found it delicious.



She pulled against the ropes with all of her #strength, but to no avail. He was highly skilled at securing his quarry for the evening.

She eventually gave in and let the events happen.

Her eyes grew wide as he approached her with the burning candle…



“For Uncommon #Valour…” read the certificate. Amber stopped short.

“I’m not really impressed with these things,” she said, wrapping her arms around Colin’s neck.

“Oh, yeah…?” he said coyly.

Amber whispered the obvious. “Drop your pants. That’s impressive!”



I decided to be #brave and let my hands travel to her breasts as I kissed her on the dance floor. I expected a slap in the face. Instead, I got a rub of my member.

Time to get out of here.



The #quiet of the morning belies the fervor of the previous night. They waited for months to consummate their relationship, releasing in a torrent of passion.

Their eyes open in unison. Picking up where they left off.



This was too much. Connie had enough of Mark’s incompetence.

“For the last time, could you please find the #correct hole?!?”

Mark adjusted, delighting Connie with size, if not skill.



Betraying her calm exterior, her eyes shone #bright as he walked into the bar. They greeted with a kiss and a grope. Several drinks later, they repeated their greeting at her place. Decorum no longer necessary, their hunger took over.

Her cat had to move off the couch.



‘Tis the #season
For honey pleasin’
Snuggle on up
And grab that butt
Give in to sin
Make her feel right
‘Til dawn’s early light

Don’t need a reason
To spread joy this #season



“#Luminous beings are we, not this…crude matter.”

Don was nervous about giving voice to Yoda for the university play. Audrey was determined to take his mind off of it.

His recitation of his lines gave way to moans of pleasure as she practiced her own artistry at the skin flute.



As the #storm rages outside, they are safe in each other’s arms. Their passion ebbs and flows with the weather. Her screams blend in with the wind, her orgasms at one with the waves of rain.

That alone keeps them here. Their libidos could not survive anywhere else.



They see the storm approach, helpless to avoid it. Their passion strikes like a #hurricane, building to a crescendo of lust.

And then, quiet. Staring into each other’s eyes as the center passes.

Fury resumes, forging into the dark night.



The room is bathed in candlelight, the scent of cinnamon and hibiscus fills the air. His work has taken him away, but he has returned. They couple for the first time in weeks.

They both revel in the #thunder down under…



He covers her body like an #avalanche, blanketing her with the intensity of tons of snow and ice.

She eagerly awaits the onslaught. She is snuggled in the warmth of his embrace.

He fills her as he does every night. With his elixir within her, she is complete.



It has taken them a lifetime to find each other. In fifteen minutes, they both knew the truth. Panting and sweating in post-coital bliss.

#Coupled forever.



#Obsessed with your form. With your touch. Your essence.

Your scent draws me closer, disabling logic. I am a slave to my desires.

You take me in, the safe harbor in the storm. I give you my love in thunderous thrusts.

We drift off to sleep, spent…



“We are #blessed by your presence,” the young maiden said. Roger and Cecily entered the room hesitantly, not expecting the uptight group.

“Are we in the right room?” she whispered. Roger read the flyer. “Chaste Cosplay Orgy.”

Roger smiled as Cecily was led away.



She accepts his power, every stroke a statement of his love for her. They finish violently, exploding in lust. Recovering, she turns to him.

“What did I do to #deserve you?” she asks softly.

“Nothing,” he replies. “And everything.”



He cannot keep his hands off her on the dance floor. They return to the table, sweaty and out of breath.

Sally said, “If this is you at the club, what are you like in #private?”

Janine winked. “Everything you think…” She took Sally’s hand.

“Let me show you…”



My lady slides her hand into my shorts again, teasing my manhood into action. I accept her, driving my passion into her waiting flower.

When we are together, we never seem to get any sleep. Some think I am #cursed.

How many men dream of an insatiable mate?