In simple terms, “The Party” is a floating swingers’ gathering. Several wealthy individuals have organized a function that occurs every four to six weeks at a downtown hotel that allows busy professional single men to have access to attractive women for sexual escapades. The men pay handsome fees and are thoroughly vetted and physically tested so they offer no risk to the female guests. The female guests attend at no cost and are provided security technology so that they can feel safe in participating.

For obvious reasons, the organizers are a shadowy group, and the Party needs to change venues frequently. The Party is possible in Columbus because some of the male clients hold high positions in both the hotel and police establishments, so the Party is tolerated as long as the women who are invited are treated well and the male clients are discreet, non-violent, and healthy.

Carrie is introduced to The Party by a friend and becomes an enthusiastic guest, with her husband Brad’s full knowledge and support. Why would a woman like Carrie become involved in such a situation?

Find out 24 March 2020 when “Carrie: Hotwife in Training” is released in paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited!

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